Jeremiah Horrocks Institute (JHI)

Our research and knowledge exchange institute carries out teaching and research in areas of Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy.

Our institute is based in Preston as part of the University of Central Lancashire. The Institute contains about 30 teaching and research staff.

The institute established in 1927 as the Jeremiah Horrocks Observatory (JHO) on Moor Park. In 1993 it became the Centre for Astrophysics. Renamed in 2004 as the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute (JHI) for Astrophysics and Super-Computing.

Our institute grew in 2012 to become the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute for Mathematics, Physics and Astronomy. We carry out teaching in all of these areas. We pursue research into:

  • Analytical acoustics
  • Non-associative algebras
  • Model theory and its applications
  • Theoretical and laboratory-based physics
  • The astrophysics of planets, stars, galaxies and the Universe.

Opportunities for undergraduate and postgraduate study (PhD and MSc by Research) are described on the JHI website. Visit the Distance Learning website for more information on our distance learning courses.

  • Research

    100+ peer-reviewed research papers published by JHI members every year.
  • Knowledge exchange

    Longstanding connection with NASA and selected as the British Centre for the United Nations Office for Outer Space Affairs.
  • Public Engagement

    3000+ attendees of JHI outreach events (public talks, exhibitions, etc) per year.

SUN exhibition

This installation is a huge 1:200,000,000 scale representation of our closest star.

Alston Observatory

The Alston Observatory is the teaching and public outreach facility of the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute.

Our academics

Dr Megan Argo
Senior Lecturer
Dr Danielle Bewsher
Principal Lecturer
Dr Daniel Brown
Reader in Solar Physics
Professor Silvia Dalla
Professor of Solar Physics
Professor Victor Debattista
Professor of Astrophysics
Dr Paul Freeman
Senior Lecturer
Dr Monika Barbara Gamża
Senior Lecturer in Physics
Dr Daniel L Holdsworth
Postdoctoral Research Associate in Asteroseismology
Dr Jason Kirk
Senior Lecturer
Dr Timo Laitinen
Post-Doctoral Research Associate
Dr Serban Lepadatu
Lecturer in Physics
Dr Steven McCann
Senior Lecturer of Physics
Dr Tim Mercer
Senior Lecturer
Dr Mark Norris
Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics
Dr Brett Patterson
Senior Lecturer in Physics
Dr Davide Penazzi
Senior Lecturer in Mathematics
Dr Joanne Pledger
Senior Lecturer in Astrophysics
Professor Cristina C. Popescu
Professor of Astrophysics
Dr Christopher Powles
Senior Lecturer
Dr Anne Sansom
Reader in Astrophysics
Dr Joe Smerdon
Senior Lecturer
Dr Dimitris Stamatellos
Reader in Astrophysics
Dr Karen Syres
Senior Lecturer in Physics
Dr Timothy Walton
Course Leader
Dr Jonathan Wilson
Lecturer in Mathematics

Into Our Skies: Space in schools

Using dance to engage KS2 pupils in the Earth and Space topic.

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