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Parents and carers

Helping your child take the next step in their life as a university student can be a daunting process.

As their parents or carer you are their most trusted source of information, so we try and help arm you with all the important information to help them make a considered choice about their future.

It’s more important than ever for prospective students to make informed decisions about higher education. As a parent, we hope that these pages give you the information you need to guide and support your child through the decision-making and application process, and reassure you that as a University, we will continue to support your child and answer all their questions along the way.

For many of us, University is the first time our children leave the family home, so we all want to know that they are going to be looked after and have somewhere to turn if they need to. We’re dedicated to supporting our students at every stage of their application journey and during their time with us.

Useful information

Below are some of our key information points, if you’re looking for further guidance and advice on the application process and regular reminders on key dates and top tips, you can sign up for our parents and carers newsletter.

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It might still be early days. You may be at the stage where A Levels or BTECs still need to be chosen and that’s a great time to start thinking about University. Ask your child how much a particular subject interests them? How good do they think they are at the subject? Will they enjoy studying it in greater depth? When considering the options it’s worth bearing in mind, that the transferable skills and experience you learn at university are the key to many careers, and a degree opens the door to careers like doctors, lawyers and other professionals.

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Studying for a degree is a big investment in their future, but there’s funding and financial support available and no need to pay money upfront. Ensuring you plan well ahead to secure your student finance and apply for any bursaries or scholarships is important and can ensure everything goes smoothly as their University adventure begins.

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If your son or daughter has already decided what subject they want to study and where, they can now write their application and plan for their new life. There is plenty of help to guide you through this next stage on the UCAS website. Your son or daughter can apply to up to 5 universities, and once they’ve received all their offers, they will need to choose a first (firm) and second (insurance) choice for when they get their results.

For advice and guidance on writing their personal statement to ensure they stand out from the crowd and get the offers they really want, we’ve put together some top tips.

You’ll also want to familiarise yourself with key dates and deadlines on the run up Welcome Week.

More information for applicants

Once they get their offer and have made their final decision, your encouragement and advice will be reassuring as they prepare to go to university. Choosing whether to commute or live in halls of residence is a big decision and it’s best to investigate all the options available before making a decision. We’re pleased to offer a range of accommodation options to students, all located a short distance from campus with wellbeing support teams, and 24hr site security.

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After the difficult decisions and the stress of exams is over, it’s time to start thinking about arriving at University to start your studies. It’s normal to that both yourself and your son or daughter will be a little bit anxious as well as excited about those first few days and weeks at university, but don't worry, there’s plenty of help, support and friendly faces to help.

Our guide to welcome week will help you know what to do and what to expect once you arrive on campus, as well as what to plan and prepare before you arrive.

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Once they’ve settled in over the first few days, there’s plenty of help, support and advice available – plus plenty to get involved in. Our student support pages will help advise and guide you on what’s available on campus to get settle in and where to go to for that helping hand.

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