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Dr Paul Freeman

Senior Lecturer, Course Leader
School of Natural Sciences

I am the Course Leader for Physics and Astrophysics on site courses. In my role as a Lecturer I lecture physics, and foundation year mathematics, as well as supervise final year projects. My research interests include strongly correlated electron materials such as superconductors, and quantum magnets using techniques of neutron scattering, muon spin rotation spectroscopy and x-ray scattering.

As Course Leader for Physics and Astrophysics I run the academic side of student's studies in our different courses, acting as a point of contact for all of the students on our courses. My current role includes teaching at the different levels of our courses from foundation and first year lecturing, through to final year project supervision. Alongside my Course Leader and teaching duties I have an active research portfolio, with a strong track record of publishing scientific papers in leading journals in my field of research. My research interests provide undergraduate students the opportunity to carry out research projects in active fields of research.

After undergraduate studies in Durham and obtaining my doctorate at Oxford, I worked as an instrument scientist and postdoctoral researcher in neutron scattering in France (ILL, Grenoble), Germany (HZB, Berlin) and Switzerland (EPFL, Lausanne), before moving to UCLan. At present I perform my research with collaborations with groups around the world. In the UK I currently collaborate with researchers at the University of Oxford, Durham University and Cardiff University. While internationally I have on going collaborations with researchers based in Switzerland, and Denmark along with past significant collaborations with researchers in France, Italy, and India. In my last job at EPFL, Lausanne, Switzerland, I was part of a successful proposal for an estimated 12 Million Euros neutron scattering instrument Bifrost that is under construction at the European Spallation Source for neutrons in Lund, Sweden.