Institute of Criminal, Legal and Social Justice (ICLSJ)

Our Research and Knowledge Exchange Institute delivers world-leading research. We engage with issues at the forefront of criminal, legal and social justice debates internationally.

The Institute of Criminal, Legal and Social Justice brings academics, practitioners, researchers, and students together from a range of disciplines. Our aim is to address key issues relating to social justice, fairness and human rights.

We deliver world-leading innovative research. Our research engages with issues at the forefront of criminal, legal and social justice debates. We work collaboratively with external partners nationally and across the globe, generating new knowledge and inspiring positive change with them, rather than on them.

Achieving real world impact and improving the lives of the communities we engage with is central to our approach to research. Our aim is to undertake work relevant to regional, national, and international societal needs, with priorities in the field of criminal, legal and social justice.

We regularly host conferences and workshops exploring topics of relevance to many outside organisations, including the police, probation, voluntary sector, the Police and Crime Commissioner, and many other organisations.

Our institute is built on the successes of several research centres to ensure contributions from different perspectives are achieved.

  • Research

    We have over 110 academics from different disciplines working across the Institute.
  • Knowledge exchange

    We’ve worked with over 550 organisations locally, regionally, nationally and internationally.
  • Public engagement

    We have hosted over 70 free events in the last 7 years.
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Our academics

Professor Sarah Kingston
Professor of Criminal Justice and Policing
Professor Tom Cockcroft
Professor of Legal and Social Justice
Professor Mick McKeown
Professor of Democratic Mental Health
Dr Laura Kelly-Corless
Lecturer in Criminology
Dr Charlotte Barlow
Reader in Criminal Justice and Policing
Professor Mohammed El Said
Professor in International Trade and Intellectual Property Law
Dr Tim Owen
Reader in Criminology