Institute of Creativity, Communities and Culture (ICCC)

The Research and Knowledge Exchange Institute of Creativity, Communities and Culture explores the power of creativity and culture to make positive change in the world.

We tell stories of the past, present and future through research with local and global communities.

We deliver real-world research and innovation by placing an emphasis on the role of culture and creativity in society. In times of environmental crises, amidst growing cultural tensions and precarious global politics, the need for the arts and humanities to foster dialogue and facilitate shared experience is fundamental and urgent.

As an expansive and interdisciplinary community, we place creativity and culture at the centre of our research. We work closely with industry, public and third-sector partners to enhance current and historical understandings of thought, culture and heritage. Our work inspires ‘new ways of looking’, delivering projects which mobilise the creative potential of communities to shape their places and lives.

  • Creativity

    Creativity has the power to make positive change in the world.
  • Communities

    We collaborate and learn alongside our local communities and with international partners.
  • Culture

    Understanding language, history and culture is crucial to a healthy global future.
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Dada Dinnertime at the Tabula Rasa by Artist A & Artist B
Dada Dinnertime at the Tabula Rasa by Artist A & Artist B
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Our academics

Professor Candice Satchwell
Professor of Literacies and Education
School of Psychology and Humanities

Candice has extensive experience of research in a wide range of educational and community settings, examining uses of literacies in life. Her current research uses a participatory approach with disadvantaged children and young people, employing narrative, fiction and arts-based m…

Elaine Speight
Reader in Curatorial Practice and Place
School of Arts and Media

Elaine Speight is Reader in Curatorial Practice and Place, and co-curator of In Certain Places – an art-led research project, which brokers connections between people and places. Elaine has written about place-based art and curatorial practice for various publications and present…

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We welcome collaboration from across the university and beyond. To find out more about the institute, or to tell us about your own research, please contact us by email.