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Dr Jonathan Wilson

Lecturer in Mathematics
School of Natural Sciences

Jonathan joined the School of Natural Sciences in 2021, and currently teaches a variety of pure based modules offered by the Mathematics BSc degree. His research, which is also rooted in pure mathematics, focuses on uncovering and exploiting connections between combinatorics, geometry, and representation theory. He is particularly interested in cluster algebras and their generalisations.

Jonathan leads modules across all three years of the Mathematics BSc degree, and offers a range of interdisciplinary final year projects.

His research has gained international attention, and is published in world renowned journals such as Selecta Mathematica (New Series), International Mathematics Research Notices, and Discrete and Computational Geometry. In 2018 he was an invited speaker at the International Centre of Theoretical Sciences in Bengaluru, India. There he gave a three course lecture series for the School on Cluster Algebras.

Dr Wilson graduated with a PhD in Mathematics from Durham University in 2017; his research centred around cluster algebras and their relationship with surfaces. Following this he spent one year at University of Tübingen under the Teach@Tuebingen scheme, where, alongside research, he delivered a two semester graduate course on cluster algebras. Jonathan then held a DGAPA Postdoctoral Fellowship at National Autonomous University of Mexico, Mexico City. During this time he significantly advanced the study of cluster structures on (triangulated) non-orientable surfaces. In a series of four papers he established various combinatorial frameworks for the theory; these fresh viewpoints uncovered a variety of fundamental results of the subject, and have formed the bedrock of further study. Jonathan is also actively applying these new techniques to the “classical” case of cluster algebras from orientable surfaces.

  • PhD Mathematics, Durham University, 2017
  • Master of Advanced Study (MASt) in Pure Mathematics, University of Cambridge, 2013
  • BSc Mathematics, Swansea University, 2012
  • Cluster algebras
  • Algebraic Combinatorics