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Research Strategy and Policy

Our research culture is ambitious, inclusive and supportive. Our focus is on the continuous enhancement of the quality, scope and capacity of our research activities, in particular the development and evidence based achievements of our research staff and students.

Research Strategy 2018–2020

Our aim

To produce research quality and quantity, in a supportive and enhancing culture, to achieve societal, environmental and academic impact, measured by our stakeholders, including the delivery of an improving performance in national and international excellence frameworks.

Our vision

The ambition of the University strategy 2015–2020 is to grow a vibrant community of academic innovators, nurturing early career researchers and developing and enthusing postgraduate students.

The Research Strategy 2018–2020 will deliver impact of relevance to society by supporting the production of accessible knowledge and information generated through a supportive and responsive environment.

The University will provide effective and efficient support for the development of high quality research through the UCLan Research Institutes and UCLan Research Institutes working in areas of relevance to the six research themes to build reputation and opportunity.


  1. To provide appropriate support to academics and research students in their research endeavour relevant to their career stage.
  2. To deploy internal resources to support areas of research and encourage collaboration and development of inter-, multi- and trans-disciplinary research.
  3. To increase the external profile of the University as a research provider and a place of research for academics and students.
  4. To build and promote successful collaborations, internally and externally with business and community organisations, as well as other HEIs.
  5. To provide a leading contribution to developments in the area of policy, practice, technology and services as a civic and anchor institution.
  6. Objectives 1 to 5 will provide the development and support for our research environment to enable the University to:
    • Submit the best quality submissions for the national excellence assessment exercises such as the Research Excellence Framework (REF), Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) and the Teaching Excellence Framework (TEF).
    • Be compliant with relevant Concordats and Policies.

If you require a copy of the full strategy please email Marketing Communications.

Please note: We are currently in the process of updating our documents to meet government accessibility legislation. If you require a copy of any of the documents listed on this page, please contact us. 

Open research

We are committed to increasing the visibility, use, impact and benefits of publicly funded research conducted by the university’s community by supporting the fundamental principles of Open Access in providing free and unrestricted access to its research outputs and their underpinning data. We hope to promote discovery, citation, sharing and collaboration of our research by embracing Open Research with the development of its institutional repositories: CLoK and UCLanData.

If you require guidance on any issues relating to Open Research please contact the Scholarly Communications Unit (SCU) situated within Research Services at:

Responsible use of research metrics

Responsible use of research metrics is a policy area that has been rapidly rising up the Higher Education agenda in recent years with increasing pressure from policy makers and funders for institutions to develop responsible metric statements.

We believe in fair and responsible use of metric indicators in the assessment of research and performance, recognising that application and usage can be complex and problematic, and not uniformly applicable across all disciplines. Quantitative evaluation should support (and not replace) qualitative, expert assessment.

This Responsible Use of Research Metrics statement sets out ten key principles based on the Leiden Manifesto that we use to inform how metrics are used in measurement of research activity across the University. An Action Plan and Monitoring Framework are being developed to support the implementation of the Responsible Use of Research Metrics at UCLan.