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Student Policies and Regulations

As a University, our commitment to you is important and we therefore need regulations, policies and codes of conduct, which are designed to protect and maintain both academic quality and your rights and responsibilities as students of our University.

You need to be aware of their existence and their relevance to you and your studies. Alongside this, you may also have other separate arrangements with external organisations, such as the Student Loans Company, which you will need to ensure that you fully understand.

Our academic regulations ensure that all students are treated in a fair way – from the moment you are accepted on to a course at the university, through to assessments and the qualification that you are awarded.

Our general policies, handbooks and regulations aim to provide students with a safe and supportive environment in which to study. It is important that as a student, you know that these policies exist and their relevance to you as a student

As a research student it is important that you are aware of our policies, procedures, regulations and codes of practice that are applicable regardless of whether you’re a new or returning student. These aim to provide you with a safe and supportive environment in which to study and conduct your research.

In line with the requirements of the Office for Students, the University’s Student Protection Plan outlines the measures in place within the University to protect the interests of students and prospective students.

In line with the requirements of the Office for Students, the University’s Student Transfer Policy outlines the necessary institutional arrangements that enable a student (taught or research) to transfer in a manner that facilitates the continuation and quality of study for all students whenever a transfer occurs.

At the University of Central Lancashire the governing body ensures that there are adequate and effective arrangements in place to provide transparency about value for money for students and for taxpayers. You can find out more about how the University finances work, where our income comes from, what we spend our money on and how a typical undergraduate student fee is used.

Our Student Charter has been developed alongside and in collaboration with your Students’ Union. It outlines our academic community culture and the principles we uphold for both the University, the Student’s Union and you.

The policies outlined on this site apply to students studying at our UCLan campuses. Some of our policies are applicable to students studying at one of our UK partner institutions, whereas some are not relevant to partnership students. Please contact the partner institution directly for further information on the student policies applicable to the relevant partner institution.

We hope that you are happy with your University experience. However, if you’ve got cause concern, please do get in touch.

In line with the requirements of the Office for Students, the University’s Home Office sponsor licence can be viewed on the Government Register of Licensed Student sponsors

In addition to the above formal policies which form part of your student contract, there are a range of general policies aimed at supporting you during your time at the University of Central Lancashire and these are available via our Student Support site once you enrol with us.