Degree Apprenticeships

Our range of Higher and Degree Apprenticeships allow you to gain an academic qualification and degree whilst you work.

What is a Degree Apprenticeship?

Higher and Degree Apprenticeships allow you to study for a qualification while working for your employer. A Degree Apprenticeship allows you to graduate with an honours or master’s degree. A Higher Apprenticeship will grant you a professional qualification equal to a foundation degree.

  • Get the best of both worlds by combining work and study without the fees

  • Gain in-demand skills with work-based learning

  • Discover tailored career prospects and job progression

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Is a Degree Apprenticeship right for me?

  • A Degree Apprenticeship allows you to earn a full-time wage without having to pay your fees.
  • You can apply your theoretical study to first-hand experience in the world of work.
  • Gain in-demand skills whilst progressing in your career professionally.
  • Degrees that are tailored to you. They are flexible and can be all about what you want to gain from your degree and work experience.
  • You can benefit from paid time off, should you need it for study.
  • Enjoy the best of both worlds. You'll be entitled to paid time off and all the benefits of being a student at the University. These include access to our state-of-the-art facilities and student discounts.

How to get a Degree Apprenticeship

  1. First, you need to secure a relevant role for at least 30 contracted hours a week. This could be the current role that you're in. The role must be relevant to the apprenticeship, because you will be spending four days a week in the workplace.

    If you are not currently in a relevant role, you will need to start applying for role that are relevant to the apprenticeship. If you're struggling to find a position, you can register for our Apprenticeship Matching Service. This can match you with employers who want to recruit an apprentice. Explore our current vacancies.

  2. Once you've secured a relevant role, the next step is to ask your line manager about the Degree Apprenticeship you are interested in. All Degree Apprenticeships are funded by employers, so it's essential to get your employer's support. You employer may receive funds from the government.

    If you have got a role through our Apprenticeship Matching Service, the employer will be recruiting specifically for an apprentice. That means they will definitely support your Degree Apprenticeship.

  3. Once you've got your employer’s support, they will need to contact our Business Development team. Our team will answer any questions they have and begin the onboarding process.

    If you've got a job through our Apprenticeship Matching Service, we will already be working closely with your employer. That means the onboarding process can begin.

  4. Once we've received your application and all relevant documents, your Degree Apprenticeship can begin. You'll normally spend 4 days a week in work and 1 day a week studying.

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We have a range of Degree Apprenticeships to help you boost your career and gain professional experience.

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