Institute for Relational Research (INTERRELATE)

Our Research and Knowledge Exchange Institute undertakes research on infancy, childhood, youth, women, parents, family wellbeing and reproductive health.

INTERRELATE brings together researchers from three well-established research centres:

These centres have an outstanding track record of undertaking substantial impactful research projects on relationships and their impact. 

We draw disciplines together to ask new questions about physical, psychological, emotional and social well-being. We aim to co-create novel solutions, in active collaboration with individuals, communities, services and policymakers. A rights-based perspective is fundamental to the vision of the team, placing importance on advocating for and with individuals who are often unheard.

We draw on a range of theories, including intergenerational, gender, critical and relational perspectives. Our methods range from lab-based studies and biomechanics to social sciences and participatory action research with communities. We want to improve the lives of women, children, young people, parents, and families.

Our aim is to:

  • Make connections and challenge fragmented thinking relating to our topics of interest
  • Develop new and better research focused on applied, practical applications designed to promote well-being, identify, and prevent harm and abuse
  • Optimise physical, emotional, psychological, and social flourishing in future.
  • Research

    We undertake global, national, and local research relating to rights, wellbeing and safety in childhood, youth and reproductive health for women, birthing people and families.
  • Knowledge exchange

    We take various creative and innovative co-production approaches to ensure our work reaches policy, practice, and research communities.
  • Public engagement

    All our work involves active collaboration with individuals, communities, services and health, education and social care staff and policymakers.
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Our academics

Professor Gill Thomson
Professor in Perinatal Health
School of Nursing and Midwifery

Gill Thomson is a Professor in Perinatal Health within the Maternal and Infant Nutrition and Nurture Unit (MAINN) in the University of Central Lancashire. Gill has a psychology academic background and a PhD in midwifery. Gill has been led/been involved in a number of research/eva…

Professor Alastair Roy
Professor of Social Research
School of Health, Social Work and Sport

I am Professor of Social Research and Co-Director of the Psychosocial Research Unit. Before becoming an academic I was youth and community worker and residential social worker. I describe myself as an inter-disciplinary scholar and I have a particular interest in research methodo…

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