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Our graduation ceremonies provide the perfect opportunity to celebrate and recognise the success and achievements of our students.

Ceremonies - December 2021

We can’t wait to welcome eligible students to our graduation ceremonies from 13-17 December 2021. All eligible students will be emailed directly with a time and date for their ceremony so please keep an eye out for your email. Students from our partner institutions (where these partners also hold celebration ceremonies) will receive information about these direct from the partner institution.

Once you have been given your time and date you will need to do the following:

  • Confirm your attendance and let us know how many tickets you will require (please see the ticket section below for more details). You should ONLY do this once you have had your email confirming your ceremony time and date
  • Book your gown from the booking link in your email
  • Plan your journey and book accommodation if required
  • When you confirm your attendance please let us know if you or your guests have any accessibility or special requirements so we can support you effectively
  • Make sure you read all the information on these webpages to understand more about the day

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Academic School


Monday 13 December

School of Medicine

School of Social Work, Care and Community


School of Nursing


Tuesday 14 December

School of Arts and Media


School of Arts and Media

School of Natural Sciences


School of Humanities, Language and Global Studies

School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences


Wednesday 15 December

School of Business and Enterprise


School of Business and Enterprise

School of Psychology and Computer Science


School of Psychology and Computer Science


Thursday 16 December

School of Engineering


School of Justice


School of Community Health and Midwifery


Friday 17 December

School of Dentistry

School of Sport and Health Sciences


University of Central Lancashire, Foster Building, Kendal Street, PR1 2HE

Monday 13 – Friday 17 December 2021

Three ceremonies per day, 10am, 12.30pm and 3pm

All eligible graduands will receive a confirmation email with their allocated ceremony date and time approximately by Tuesday 16 November at the latest. If you think you are eligible to graduate in December and haven’t received your email by Tuesday 16 November please get in touch. There will be a celebration event in the Student Centre after the ceremonies for all graduands and their guests – we can’t wait to celebrate with you.

Your gown

All graduates are required to wear the University’s academic dress which is a cap and gown. In your email confirming your ceremony details you will be given a link to book your cap and gown. You will also need your student reference number, which is your nine-digit student registration number e.g. G00112233 or S00112233 or 100112233.

You will collect your cap and gown on the day of the ceremony. After the ceremony you should return your gown by 6pm at the gown return that will be based in the Engineering and Innovation Centre (EIC). If your ceremony is on Friday 17 December, your gown will need to be returned by 2pm.

What to wear

Please wear a formal or smart outfit for underneath your gown – we know you’ll want to look great for your photographs. Just so you can colour co-ordinate, the gowns and mortar boards are black for all graduates excluding PhD graduates who wear grey gowns and bonnets.

Your ceremony will be at either 10am, 12.30pm or 3pm. We strongly advise that you arrive two hours before your ceremony is due to begin as it will take time to register, get your gown and have your photograph done. You don’t want to be too rushed on your special day. Please don’t arrive more than two hours before though, as we will only open registration two hours before your ceremony.

After your ceremony there will be a celebration event in the Student Centre for graduands and their guests. All graduands and up to 2 guests will have tickets for free refreshments but if you have requested and got more tickets for guests (see tickets and seating section) they will be able to buy refreshments on the day.

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Ceremony time


Gown collection


Relax with refreshments

Ceremony hall opens

Graduands and guests seated

Ceremony ends

Celebration in Student Centre

Gown return



Until 9.30am

Open until 5pm



By 9.50am



6pm (or 2pm on Fri 17)



Until noon

Open until 5pm

11am - noon


By 12.20pm






Until 2.30pm

Open until 5pm







Students who achieved their target award in 2020 and did not attend in September will be eligible to attend the December 2021 ceremonies. Those who have been in contact about deferral will be emailed by Wednesday 27 October - If you don’t receive an email, please contact

2021 students who have achieved their target award by the publication date of Monday 15 November will also be eligible to attend in December 2021. We will email you to confirm your eligibility. If you don’t receive an email, please let us know.

If you have not completed your course and got your target award by Monday 15 November, you will be invited to the next ceremony after you have been awarded – the next ceremonies are scheduled for July 2022. Students can view their results securely online by using myUCLan. If you have a query regarding your award or your results please contact for assistance.

Outstanding Debts

Graduands are reminded that tuition fees and any other debts due to the University, should be paid in full before graduation. You can pay online or can contact Customer Accounts on 01772 892183 or 01772 892205 if you need to arrange payment.

Tickets are free of charge for you and up to two guests and include post-ceremony refreshments. Graduands may apply for up to 4 guest tickets in addition to their own admission ticket but additional tickets above the 2 guests will not receive free post-ceremony refreshments. We can only guarantee that you will be allocated 2 guest tickets and extra tickets will depend on numbers at each event. If space allows, additional tickets will be allocated after 29 November and we will confirm by email.

Please be aware that tickets are not posted to you. You simply collect them from the Registration Desk on the day of your ceremony.

If you wish to invite friends and family from outside the UK to your graduation ceremony and your visitor is a national of a country that is outside the European Economic Area (EEA), they will have to apply for permission to come to the UK as a visitor. A full list of documents they will need is available on the Government website but we strongly advise you provide your visitor with the following to support their application:

  • Confirmation of Study Letter proving your status as a full-time student here.
  • A personal letter of invitation for your visitor(s) from you. The letter of invitation must be written by you and include the following:
  • the full name and date of birth of your proposed visitor(s)
  • their relationship to you (parent, friend, etc)
  • why they want to come and visit you (a holiday, to attend your graduation, etc)
  • how long they want to stay in the UK and, if possible their proposed arrival and departure dates
  • where they intend to stay including the full address (hotel, your accommodation etc)
  • your immigration status in the UK and the date your visa expires (Student Route general student, etc)
  • Copy of your passport and BRP card (if you have a BRP card).

Where your visitor plans to stay. If they plan to stay with you, include your address on the personal letter of invitation and a copy of your tenancy agreement. If they are staying in a hotel, you should provide proof of the hotel booking and the cost of the stay.

Six months bank statements if you are paying for some or all of the costs of the visit.

Send your supporting documents to your visitor. DO NOT send your supporting documents directly to the Embassy or Home Office.

For any other international or visa and immigration enquiries, please contact the Student Immigration and Compliance Team or Student Support by calling 01772 891828 or emailing

If your student visa has expired and you will be living outside the UK in December and wish to return with family or friends to attend your graduation you may need to apply for a visitor visa to return to the UK. You will need your invitation email for your application and can find more information about the application process.

If after registering for the event you find you are unable to attend your graduation please email us as soon as possible to make them aware. It will be your responsibility to inform graduation suppliers that you have ordered goods and services from.

Graduation ceremonies are formal, lengthy events and experience has shown that children become bored and restless. However, we appreciate that it is not always possible to make alternative childcare arrangements and exit points are clearly marked should you need to leave the hall.

Children under the age of 2 do not require tickets and may sit on an adult's lap, not on a seat. Children aged 2 and over require a guest ticket for entry to the ceremony.

Please note that prams and pushchairs are not permitted in the ceremony.

You will be seated in the hall and called up to the stage to receive your award. Don’t worry there will be plenty of staff showing you what you need to do. Graduands will be given a reserved seat number in front of the stage. It is important that you sit in the seat reserved for you so that we call the right name at the right time onto the stage. Don’t worry an usher will direct you to the stage at the right time and your name will be announced. You should then walk across the stage and shake hands with the Presiding Officer who will be giving you your award, before returning to your seat.

Guest seating surrounds the graduate seats in the hall.

Smile – you’re on camera

Just to let you know graduation ceremonies are regarded as public events and the names of all graduates (including those graduands who don’t attend) are published in the graduation programme. The graduation ceremony will also be filmed and live streamed over the internet and will ultimately be available to view on the UCLan website so you and friends and family can watch again.

We’ll also be doing general filming and photography at the ceremonies and celebration event which may be used for corporate publicity. If you object to being filmed and/or photographed for this purpose, please email

Studio Photography

Our Studio Photography offers you the opportunity to have individual and family group photographs taken by a professional photographer.

H Tempest Ltd is the appointed photography company. A wide range of products are available to view online at

On your graduation day you may have your photograph taken before or after your ceremony. Studios will remain open until 5pm each day but will close at 2pm on Friday 17 December.

Photos of your presentation

Presentation photographs will be taken of you on the stage as you shake hands with the Presiding Officer and will be available to purchase after the ceremony from the H Tempest website

Memorabilia and Gifts

A range of UCLan branded merchandise will be available to purchase from the Students' Union at every Graduation Ceremony with 7.5% of all sales going to the Harris Bursary Fund, a charitable fund established through the University Foundation to provide emergency help and support to students. You can also make purchases online from the Students' Union.

Disability arrangements

The booking form where you confirm your intention to attend a ceremony asks whether you or your guests have any access requirements that require specific assistance or prior organisation. Please can you confirm details on the form and provide additional information if necessary. If you have any questions then please contact us at

The University of Central Lancashire campus is wheelchair accessible with lift access to all floors.

 Information for Deaf graduates and guests

British Sign Language interpreters will be present at the ceremony. If you or any of your guests are deaf and require seats reserved in a suitable position to view the interpreter, please indicate this on the booking form please contact us

 Information for Blind or Visually Impaired graduates and guests

Graduates, your seat will be reserved in the ceremony hall so that you can sit with your course colleagues, however we may allocate a seat for you at the end of the row to provide easy access. Our ushers will provide any assistance you may require to escort you to and from the presentation platform. We will discuss these arrangements with you when you arrive at the ceremony so you will know exactly what to expect.

Please provide additional information on the booking form if you or one of your guests has a Guide Dog so that we can allow extra space.

Information for Wheelchair Users or those with mobility issues

Graduates, your place will be reserved in the ceremony hall so that you can sit with your course colleagues if possible. There will be ramp access with handrails onto the presentation platform and we will discuss the arrangements with you when you arrive in the ceremony hall.

For guests, there are designated areas in the ceremony hall for wheelchair users and easily accessible rows will be reserved for those with mobility issues if required. Please contact us if your guest(s) require a wheelchair space.

Please note that the University is not able to provide wheelchairs for use at the Graduation Ceremony.

Venue information

University of Central Lancashire

Kendal Street


Please arrive at Kendal Street on the Preston campus and you will be asked to register near to the Foster building in our marquee. Don’t worry you will be guided through the ceremony experience, from beginning to end. The venue for the Graduation ceremonies is Sir Tom Finney Sports Centre

Blue Badge Holders (Disabled)

There will be a limited number of blue badge parking spaces on Leighton Car Park

There are a number of different ways to travel to your Graduation.

By Bus

Preston Bus Station is 5-10 minutes’ walk or a short taxi ride to Kendal Street, PR1 2HE.

Park and Ride

The service operates from Walton-le-Dale and Portway locations and is easily accessible from the M6 and M65. The bus service stops in the town centre and is approximately a 10-minute walk from UCLan's campus. Further information can be found on the Lancashire County Council website.

By car

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Car Park


Approx. distance to UCLAN


Walker Street




St Mary’s




Hill Street




St George’s








Preston Bus Station




By Taxi

To pre-book

  • Millers Citax (273 Brook Street) 01772 884000
  • New City VIP (Moor Lane) 01772 556655
  • Eagle Taxis (Fox Street) 01772 200300
  • A1 City Taxis (London Road) 01772 561616/17

Taxi drop off/collection point Kendal Street, PR1 2HE

By Train

Preston Railway Station is 5-10 minutes’ walk to Kendal Street, PR1 2HE


Please find further information on hotels local to Preston. Please note that the University cannot be held liable for the cost of any travel arrangements or accommodation made by you or your guests even if in any unfortunate circumstance that the event is cancelled or you are unable to attend.

The University of Central Lancashire graduation team are happy to answer any queries by email at or by phone on 01772 892447.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, we advise you to wear a face-covering in indoor crowded spaces and ask that you and your guests take a Covid lateral flow test on the day of, or the night before, your ceremony. Hand sanitiser will be available around campus and graduands will be given a glove to wear to shake hands on the stage.

Graduates in cap and gown

Discover your Alumni Network

Sign up to your Alumni Network via your graduation booking form and take advantage of all of the alumni benefits and support we have on offer. Whether it be careers advice, library and gym access or business support, we’re here for you throughout your graduate life.

Find out more about the alumni network
UCLan graduates in robes congratulating each other

Watching the ceremonies online

We broadcast each graduation ceremony live on YouTube and Facebook, with subtitles available on YouTube.

Subtitles can be turned on with the 'Subtitles/closed captions' button at the bottom right of the YouTube window if you're watching via a web browser, or in the menu on the YouTube app.

Closer to the ceremony dates, the links to all of the live ceremonies will be listed on this page. The live stream starts around 15 minutes before the start time of the ceremony.