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The University's Research and Innovation Strategy addresses our research ambitions and aspirations. The strategy is inclusive, supportive and ambitious. It recognises and responds to the challenges and opportunities in the research environment.

Research and Innovation Strategy

Our People Strategy highlights the importance of “bringing together talented people from diverse backgrounds, whereby it creates an inspiring workplace where everybody matters, where they are viewed as individuals and encouraged to develop themselves and their careers” (People Team, 2021). We put research, innovation and knowledge exchange at the centre of everything we do. We support development activities for researchers and academics across diverse roles and at all career stages.

Commitment to career development

We're committed to the career development of all our researchers and academic colleagues, supporting them all to engage in innovation, enterprise, and knowledge exchange.

Policy and strategy

HR Excellence in Research Award (HREiR)

The University of Central Lancashire has held the European HR Excellence in Research award since 2011. The award acknowledges our alignment to the European Charter for Researchers and Code of Conduct for their recruitment.

The University has retained its HR Excellence in Research award following a ten year review by the UK Excellence in Research Panel.

Ten-year review (2022)

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How we can support you

Researchers are vital to the future of the University. We aim to provide excellent career development support for all our research and enterprise staff, at all stages of their career. We foster an agile, vibrant research and enterprise community through mentoring, peer support, tailored events and workshops. We also host a number of career stage networks and events.

We have a bespoke mentoring programme for researchers, which complements the organisational mentoring programme run by the People Team. This forms part of the University’s implementation of the Concordat to support the career development of researchers. It also plays a key role in a number of strategic initiatives to support the development of staff across the University.

Working collaboratively and supporting researchers and academic colleagues

We support our academic community with collaborative research opportunities, breaking down the barriers that block interdisciplinary work. Our researchers and academics are encouraged to pool their knowledge and skills, ensuring they have every opportunity to make the next breakthrough.