Quantum Materials Group

Jeremiah Horrocks Institute (JHI)

Our research aims to unravel unconventional physical phenomena that emerge in solid-state materials as a result of strong electronic correlations, frustration or topological states.

We design, synthesise and study novel quantum materials using a variety of characterization tools. We work closely with neutron and light source science facilities in the UK and internationally.

Expertise and subject areas

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Monika with glasses in a black top and blue jumper smiling
Dr Monika Barbara Gamża
Senior Lecturer in Physics
School of Engineering and Computing

Monika is research active within the area of physics and chemistry of strongly correlated electron systems, specialising in the design, synthesis and characterisation of novel materials for both fundamental research and energy applications.

Dr Paul Freeman
Senior Lecturer
School of Engineering and Computing

I am the Course Leader for Physics and Astrophysics on site courses. In my role as a Lecturer I lecture physics, and foundation year mathematics, as well as supervise final year projects. My research interests include strongly correlated electron materials such as superconductor…

Postgraduate Study

Opportunities for postgraduate study (PhD and MSc by Research) are detailed on the JHI website.

More details related to projects supervised by Dr Monika Gamza can be found on the Exploratory Synthesis and characterization Group website.

More details related to projects supervised by Dr Paul Freeman can be obtained by email.