Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise

Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise

lancashire school of business and enterprise

Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise is proud of its international reputation for delivering high quality education in the academic areas of accounting, finance, economics, international business, communication, marketing and public relations, business and management and tourism, hospitality and event management.

The school seeks to nurture and develop global managers of the future through leading-edge Business and Management programmes, shaped by the latest research, professional practice, innovative business insight and international opportunities.

About the School

The Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise seeks to place Enterprise at the heart of all we do – and be a world leader in business education, research and engagement.

Enterprise is fundamental to the School’s ethos as we seek to enhance the capacity of students to generates ideas – and develop their skills in making those ideas happen. We strive to equip students, through entrepreneurship education with the additional knowledge and capabilities to apply these abilities in the context of setting up new ventures and businesses. We build on our academic strengths to produce impactful world class research that helps shape the cutting edge of entrepreneurial activity and how businesses are led and managed. We are also conscious of the ethical approach to business and we aim to produce dynamic and reflective, socially responsible leaders, managers and professionals who think globally regardless of the size of their organisation.

Our stakeholders are key to keeping our work relevant to current and future business needs and we engage meaningfully with business, professional bodies and government at local, regional, national and global levels to create a better society. Through all this activity we provide a lifelong return on investment for students and alumni.

The school offers the unique LaunchPad leadership development programme, providing students with opportunities to enhance their professional skills and empowering them to become the global leaders of the future. LaunchPad students learn about the challenges of the current job market from employer and graduate perspectives and the leadership approaches needed to address them, in both theory and practice.


The Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise is home to six Research Institutes, a Centre for Small / Medium Enterprises and a Leadership Hub.

The Institute of Research into Organisations, Work and Employment seeks to work closely with employers, government and trade unions to inform the development of effective workplace practice and employment policy.

The Institute of Logistics and Operations Management focuses on five key areas of Strategic Operations Management, Information Systems, Performance Measurement Systems, Supply Chain Management and Logistics and Transport Systems.

The Institute for Dark Tourism Research seeks a social scientific understanding of tourist sites of death, disaster and the seemingly macabre.

The Institute of Transport and Tourism aims to advance knowledge about travel for leisure and tourism.

Institute of Global Finance and Development

Lancashire Institute for Economic and Business Research (LIEBR)

We have a range of professional associations and accreditations