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Staff Handbook

Policies and Framework Agreement


The Staff Handbook contains information relating to the main particulars of employment for all staff of the University.

In pursuance of the University mission, staffing policies and equal opportunities policy, most of the conditions of service contained in this handbook apply to all staff of the University. However, there are separate sections applicable to particular groups of staff where additional specific conditions of service apply.

The Staff Handbook is derived from:

  1. current employment legislation;
  2. the Instrument and Articles of Government of the University;
  3. the mission statement;
  4. requirements of the business.

All sections of the handbook have been prepared following consultation and, where appropriate, negotiation with staff and representatives of staff through the University's recognised trade unions.

When further amendments to the handbook are necessary, continued constructive dialogue, consultation and, where appropriate, negotiation, will take place with the University's recognised trade union(s) in order to reach, as far as possible, satisfactory agreement.

Note: 'the University' means 'the University of Central Lancashire'.

Staff handbook

Part A

The following is applicable to all staff except those employed on Locally Determined Contracts:

The following policies are applicable to all staff, unless otherwise stated within the policy, procedure or scheme:

Part B

Specific additional conditions applicable to Lecturing staff

Part C

Specific additional conditions applicable to Professional, Technical, Administrative, Support, Research Assistant and Senior Research Assistant staff

Part D

Specific additional conditions applicable to Research Associate/ Research Fellow/ Senior Research Fellow Staff
Duties of Research Associates

  • Research Associates shall not be required to teach/demonstrate for more than six hours per week.
  • Research Associates who are requested to teach/demonstrate in excess of six hours per week may undertake such additional duties outside their normal contracted hours, if they so wish, and should receive appropriate payment at the recognised University hourly rate.

Part E

This part of the Handbook is applicable to staff on Locally Determined Contracts.

Sample Statement of Main Particulars – Professorial Contract

Sample Statement of Main Particulars – Management Contract

Part F

Senior staff policies

Staff Handbook Appendices

  1. Articles of Government
  2. Equal Opportunities Policy
  3. Harassment Policy
  4. Health and Safety at work Policy
  5. Staff Performance Policy
  6. Openness Policy
  7. Smoking Policy
  8. Freedom of Speech- Code of Practice
  9. Collective Disputes Procedure
  10. Staff Counselling Service
  11. Staff Recruitment Policy
  12. Staff Participation Policy
  13. Charter for Management
  14. Drugs and Alcohol Policy
  15. Stress Management Policy
  16. Flexible Working Requests
  17. Dignity at Work Procedure
  18. International Secondment Policy
  19. Social Media Guidance