Emad's experience working at UCLan

Emad Abdelhamed is a Lecturer in Professional Development & International Student Support at the University of Central Lancashire.

Meet Emad

Egyptian-born Emad came to the UK as an international student to study a master’s degree. After completing his degree, he started applying for jobs in the UK.

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No matter what your race, gender, age, religion, disability or colour is, you are always welcomed, supported, and empowered here at UCLan.
emad abdelhamed member of staff sitting in harrington
Emad Abdelhamed
Lecturer in Professional Development & International Student Support

"My journey at UCLan started when my job application for the position of English for Academic Purposes Tutor was successful and for me this was a life-changing opportunity. Since English is my second language, and despite being a qualified and experienced English lecturer with several teaching qualifications, a master’s degree and many years of work experience, I thought teaching English at a UK university would be unattainable.

Initially, I started as a tutor, then got promoted to a lecturer and now I am also a module leader at the School of Business and Management. Working for UCLan has had a remarkable and positive impact on my career."

Emad Abdelhamed
Emad Abdelhamed

"UCLan is keen on continuous professional development and my line manager has encouraged and fully supported me to study my current second postgraduate degree (Postgraduate Certificate in Academic Practice). This degree has also helped me achieve my Fellowship of Higher Education Academy. ‘Creating Opportunities’, and ‘Supporting All’, two of UCLan’s values are evident in our practices and I am a ‘Proud UCLanian’! If I had been asked six years ago, I would not have thought I could achieve all this.

In my personal life, I have faced so many challenges and there were moments when it was easy to give up and hard to go on, but I am glad I chose to go on."