Arts and Humanities Research Academy

Institute of Creativity, Communities and Culture (ICCC)

The Arts and Humanities Research Academy is home to a vibrant community of scholars leading innovative and exciting projects. We tell stories of the past, the present and the future through research projects in local, national and global contexts.


Through studying languages and literature, history, geography, politics, religion and philosophy, we discover new insights into culture and heritage in the UK and across the world. Our research has real impact through working with communities, engaging in real-world issues and sharing our learning with the public in accessible ways.

Much of our research is multidisciplinary and transdisciplinary by nature, and some exemplars can be found below.

How we work

The Academy benefits our own students and staff, while our combined research has positive impacts on communities and industry.

We bring together researchers at all career stages, from research students to senior academics, providing a supportive, encouraging, and collaborative culture of working together. As Arts and Humanities specialists, we recognise the importance of everyone who contributes to the field, opening up new conversations and furthering existing debates.

Our postgraduate researchers are vital members of the Academy, and we aim to provide support at every stage, from first proposal to the final viva. We encourage a thriving research culture where students’ own investigations are part of a wider picture of interdisciplinary studies.

For academic staff we aim to create an environment where ideas and expertise are shared, where we can all learn from one another. Interdisciplinary and transdisciplinary connections will enable all those in the Academy to benefit as we develop future cutting-edge projects and support significant creative outputs.

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Academic expertise

For more information, or to enquire about research degrees in this area, please contact:

Professor Candice Satchwell
Professor of Literacies and Education
School of Psychology and Humanities

Candice has extensive experience of research in a wide range of educational and community settings, examining uses of literacies in life. Her current research uses a participatory approach with disadvantaged children and young people, employing narrative, fiction and arts-based m…

Dr Carl Morris
Lecturer in Religion, Culture and Society
School of Psychology and Humanities

Carl Morris is a lecturer and researcher working across various sociological disciplines, including popular culture, media, religion, and lifestyle/leisure. He teaches a wide range of areas relating to sociology, media, culture and religion. His latest research project, running b…

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