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International Research Unit for Exploring Self, Consciousness and Social Transformation with Everyday People. A transdisciplinary research unit that collaborates with everyday people in research which explores what it means to be human and the interconnectivity of all life on the planet.

Research with everyday people is important for informing how services such as health, education and social care, can better support children, young people and families. Yet, research with people can often start from a very limited idea about what it means to be human. Research with people can also exclude a wide range of experiences, such as adults who experience a deep connectedness with others and the natural world; or children’s experiences of invisible companions. These living experiences of everyday people may carry a potential to inform how we understand and re-envision the world, supporting positive social transformation. As we face a collective crisis in terms of the social and natural world, never has it been more important to explore the nature of who we are.

The Icreates Research Unit is a University-led initiative that aims to centralise research with everyday people in the areas of exploring the nature of self, consciousness and social transformation. Icreates has a global membership of academics, researchers, practitioners and everyday people. Together we explore what it means to be human through multidisciplinary lenses, centralising the living experiences of everyday people in our research. We achieve this through using creative, collaborative and traditional approaches to enquiry.

Scientists and researchers across disciplines such as neuroscience, health, linguistics and philosophy are starting to recognise the importance for involving everyday people in research which explores what it means to be human and the interconnectivity of all life on the planet. Icreates provides a dynamic research space to enable new dimensions of research into the exploration of what it means to be human for social transformation.

Project highlights

  • Icreates Networking Conference, January 2024, Broughton Hall, UK
  • Transforming services through exploring consciousness with children
  • Exploring Extra Sensory Experiences of Children in Intensive Care using creative research methods in partnership with Great Ormand Street Hospital.
  • International Research: Exploring the Nature of Self and Self Development with children in the Netherlands and the UK
  • Investigating children, parents/carers and professionals extra sensory experiences across various cultural contexts


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