Music Research Group

Institute of Creativity, Communities and Culture (ICCC)

The Music Research Group brings together theoreticians, historians and practice-based researchers engaged in exploring music from multiple perspectives from across the University: composition, performance, ethnomusicology, history, economy, law and cultural studies.

It includes practitioners composing popular and experimental music; historians, researching popular music in the UK, Europe and across the globe; archivists, collecting rare musical instruments and music samples. Our aims are to bring together theory, history and practice in all aspects of music research.

The Music Research Group connects with the music industry, through conferences, guest speaker programme, music festivals and active involvement with the Leaders in Residence programme. Since its inception, the group has organised several international conferences on topics such as the future of popular music, musical improvisation and live music. The work of this group is reflected in several volumes, published by Routledge, Bloomsbury, Palgrave and Equinox. Key projects have included Popular Music in the Post-Digital Age and the series of events devoted to improvisation. Practice-based research in composition, performance and recording has led to a number of record releases, concerts and workshops. Interdisciplinary research includes collaborations with groupings as diverse as Dance and Somatic Practice and the Law School