Research Centre for Migration, Diaspora and Exile (MIDEX)

Institute for Area and Migration Studies (AMIS)

The UCLan Research Centre for Migration, Diaspora and Exile (MIDEX) develops in-depth, state-of-the-art and impactful analysis of cultural, political, social, socio-legal and historical topics within migration, diaspora and exile.

With more than 60 members across all faculties of the university, including established and young scholars, teaching staff and PhD students, MIDEX has emerged as an interdisciplinary centre of research and community engagement. Our projects include contemporary migration in Britain and Europe and beyond including the Windrush scandal, deportations and detentions and the racialisation of migrants as a result of the rise in xenophobia and far-right political parties, migration as a consequence of climate change.

We also research ways that refugees, migrants and the rest of civil society are challenging these inequities. We do this through links to community groups that work with refugees and migrants such as Preston Black History Group, Sewing Café, Lancaster, Lancashire County Council (Syrian Resettlement Programme) and Preston City of Sanctuary.


MIDEX has three main objectives:

  • to establish a network of academics and research students from across the University and enable them to engage with international communities in research
  • to enable its members to produce high quality outputs and develop impact case studies by offering them access to research grants, support for publication and impact cases and visiting fellowship opportunities
  • to organise seminar programmes, conferences and other activities in collaboration with community groups, media outlets and other third parties, developing materials that allow us to share our research through books, broadcasts, webpages etc.

MIDEX research strands

You'll Have To Be On Your Toes by Jade Montserrat (2015)
You'll Have To Be On Your Toes by Jade Montserrat (2015)


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The Centre holds a series of Seminars, Conferences and Events throughout the year. To find out more please contact Centre Director Professor Alan Rice or Centre Deputy Director Dr Lara Momesso.

headshot of Alan Rice
Professor Alan Rice
Professor in English and American Studies
School of Psychology and Humanities

Alan is Director of the UCLan Research Centre in Migration, Diaspora and Exile and Co-Director of the Institute for Black Atlantic Research. Alan's scholarship has led to collaborative projects with museums and community organisations. He has published 3 monographs and many artic…

Dr Lara Momesso
Senior Lecturer in Asia Pacific Studies
School of Psychology and Humanities

Lara teaches a range of subjects for the Asia Pacific Studies Programme at the School. Informed by feminist scholarship, Lara’s research explores the link between female migration and political participation, the role of emotions in migration experiences, the linkages between dia…

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