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Dr Ti-Han Chang

School of Humanities, Language & Global Studies

Ti-han teaches across a range of subjects for both UG and PG levels, which include topics such as environmental development and socio-political movements in the Asia Pacific region. With her expertise in Taiwan studies, she also delivers module specifically dedicated to the postcolonial history, literature and society in Taiwan. Ti-han is particularly interested in postcolonial ecocriticism, which draws her attention to reserach topics such as nonhuman agency, borders and nations, climate change and migration. Her current reserach project focusses on the impacts of climate change on the migration of Pacific Islanders. Ti-han welcomes proposals for doctoral research on environmental humanities and postcolonial studies of Taiwan and the wider Asia Pacific region.

In 2019, Ti-han takes on the role of Environmental Lead for UoA25 Area Studies, contributing to her UoA's submission to REF2021. She is also an active member in several research centres, including NorITS (Northern Institute of Taiwan Studies), MIDEX (Research Centre of Migration, Diaspora and Exile) and NEPCAP (Northern Policy Centre of the Asia Pacific). Multiple research clusters are formed from these networks and this has given rise to success of certain research projects that she co-organises with her colleagues. For instance, "The Role of Social Media Shaping (Un)democratic Processes" project has attracted the funding of GDP10,000 from Research England. Further to this, an online special issue will follow and a digital publication shall be included in the Northern England Policy Centre for the Asia Pacific Policy Brief Series (forthcoming 2020)

Ti-han is a board member of Francophone Association for Taiwan Studies (AFET) in France, an association dedicated to the promotion of Taiwan studies and the development of young scholars in this specific area. Since 2017, she has organised Annual Conferences for Young Scholars on Taiwan Studies in Lille, Montpellier, Lyon. The distinguished Prize of Franco-Taiwanese Cultural Foundation was awarded to the association in 2019, in recognition of its contribution to the development of Taiwan studies in Francophone societies. In 2020, to mark its 10th Anniversary, Ti-han will join her colleagues to host the Francophone Taiwan Studies Congress in Paris. Her academic experiences cumulated over the year she works at AFET and her active engagement in other Taiwan studies research networks, NorITS and the European Association of Taiwan Studies (EATS) for examples, offered her great opportunities to collaborate with key environmental writers and activists from Taiwan such as Wu Ming-yi, Syaman Rapongan, and Yang Ju-men. Within this area of study, she contributes a book review of Wu Ming-yi's latest work, The Land of Little Rain (2019) to International Journal of Taiwan Studies (forthcoming 2021), a translation piece of Wu Ming-yi’s author’s insight to EATS newsletter (2019), and an article about Taiwan postcolonial writings to the online magazine, Taiwan Insight (2019). In 2020, she has initiated a cultural/environmental heritage event which is also a part of her Pacific climate change research project. The event is intended to take place at the Harris Museum in Preston, which helps to raise Lancashire public’s awareness on the increasing decline of cetacean species in the Pacific Ocean. The project involves participation of Wu Ming-yi as well as other anthropologists, Futuru Tsai and Kerim Friedman, whose research focuses on Taiwan’s indigenous maritime culture. Due to the exceptional circumstance of COVID 19, this project will be postponed in 2020.