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Dr Stefano Barone

Lecturer in Sociology
School of Justice

Stefano is a Sociology lecturer. His research focuses on youth cultures and popular music, with a focus on music scenes in post-revolutionary Tunisia. He has published a book and several papers on this topic, both in English and French. At the University of Central Lancashire, he teaches an array of subjects, and supervises postgraduate sociology projects.

Stefano joined the University of Central Lancashire and its Sociology team in 2018. He teaches an array of Sociology-related subjects, at foundation and BA level: from the Sociology of Youth, to Methodology, to the Sociology of Media. Stefano supervises postgraduate projects at MRes and PhD level. His research on music scenes in Tunisia produced a monograph - "Metal, Rap, and Electro in Post-Revolutionary Tunisia: a Fragile Underground", which came out in 2019 for Routledge, and several articles on English and French journals. Since 2020, he started a new research project, investigating the role of foreign cultural diplomacy institutions in the Tunisian music scene.

Stefano holds a MA degree in Cultural Anthropology from the University of Siena (Italy), and a PhD in Sociology from Griffith University (Australia). Prior to joining the University of Central Lancashire, he taught Sociology of Youth at Griffith. Stefano has been carrying out long ethnographic fieldwork sessions in Tunisia since 2010. His research has brought him to participate in numerous international conferences on Youth Cultures, Popular Music, Middle Eastern Studies and African Studies.