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Clinical Sciences

The focus of the group in the School of Dentistry is to examine the extended role of dentists and dental care professionals in general medical health screening and promotion.

This recognises that a large proportion of the public are regular attenders at the dentist and this makes dental practices potentially excellent locations to detect undiagnosed conditions. 

The group aims to explore the perceived barriers to provision of this care from within the dental profession and public and seeks to develop screening protocols that will address them. The clinical and cost effectiveness of these screening approaches are also being investigated. 

Additionally, the group recognises the importance of public involvement and is developing projects with the public around the promotion of early diagnosis of medical conditions.  Current projects are focused on diabetes and atrial fibrillation and the high proportion of individuals that remain undiagnosed. However other medical conditions are also being explored.

Professor John McLachlan: work with the General Medical Council (GMC) has led to changes in policy and he has also advised the Department of Health and the Scottish Government.

Professor Umesh Chauhan: Mental health problems in people with learning disabilities: prevention, assessment and management NICE guideline [NG54].

Professor Cathy Jackson: Work with ARIA has helped to change asthma guidelines.

Professor Richard Welbury: Appointed Chair of Data Monitoring Committee for first UK randomised controlled trial into the use of low level light (laser) therapy in the treatment of oral and pharyngeal mucositis during cancer treatment.

Prof Cathy Jackson Research area inflammatory airways disease, COPD and lung disease, chronic disease management in community settings.

Emeritus Professor Richard Welbury was an invited guest speaker at the British Society of Paediatric Dentistry Annual Scientific Meeting in September 2018 in Dundee, Scotland. The title of his presentation was ‘FiCTION Trial – impact on clinical practice and teaching’.

Emeritus Professor Richard Welbury was invited to be a key note speaker to the Malaysian Dental Association International Exhibition and Conference Kuala Lumpur; and the National University of Singapore in July 2019.