Clinical Implantology

1 Year
September 2024
Campus Taught

For dentists looking to introduce dental implants within their practice, this is the ideal course. Our MSc Clinical Implantology combines home study with the opportunity to treat patients under the direct clinical supervision of experienced consultants. Busy dental practitioners can gain the skills and knowledge required of a Dentist with Special Interest (DwiSI) over one year of full-time study or two years of part-time study.

Why study with us

  • Examine patients, create treatment plans, place and restore dental implants, all under direct clinical supervision at one of our approved Clinical Training Centres.
  • Gain the academic skills needed to critically appraise published work within dental and oral health related journals, and to understand how dental research is carried out in order to prepare you for your research project.
  • The University works in conjunction with governing dental bodies, ensuring that the curriculum facilitates the development of transferable skills, which you can apply to your clinical practice.

What you'll do

  • Benefit from a focus on Continuing Professional Development, allowing General Dental Practitioners the opportunity to further their skills and education in their chosen area of interest while maintaining their clinical practice.
  • Learn from a highly-regarded course team led by an Oral Surgeon and Maxillofacial Consultant. Clinical supervision is provided by experienced clinical staff with a proven track record in the successful use of techniques and approaches in primary practice environments.
  • Focus on contemporary knowledge in Dental Implantology – we teach evidence-based principles and systems to ensure an optimal outcome for both patient and practitioner.
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Patient using X-Ray machine in Dental Clinic
Patient using X-Ray machine in Dental Clinic


Course delivery

Following the pandemic, we have found that some courses benefit from a blended learning and teaching approach. Therefore, the majority of your teaching will be face-to-face on campus aside from a small amount of online teaching where we have learnt it works best.


Please note the delivery information for this course is accurate for the academic year 2023/24. The information displayed in this section may not yet accurately reflect how the course will be delivered in 2024/25 but this information will be updated by December 2023.

Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our published course information. However, our programmes are subject to ongoing review and development. Changing circumstances may cause alteration to, or the cancellation of, courses. Changes may be necessary to comply with the requirements of accrediting bodies or revisions to subject benchmarks statements. As well as to keep courses updated and contemporary, or as a result of student feedback. We reserve the right to make variations if we consider such action to be necessary or in the best interests of students.

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Industry Links

  • VSSAcademy is a private dental education company. VSSAcademy provides our students with quality clinical mentoring at training centres located throughout the UK. Here, our students learn how to plan, place and restore dental implants on live patients provided by the training centre teams.
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Academic expertise

Dr Neil Cook
Lecturer in Research Methods – Online Learning
School of Medicine and Dentistry

Neil teaches research methods, critical appraisal and public health across a number of our dental courses as well as supervising Master's dissertations. He has extensive experience a wide range of research projects covering quantitative, qualitative and systematic review methodol…

Fadi Barrak in a suit with glasses smiling
Dr Fadi Barrak
Clinical Lead in (Clinical) Implantology
School of Medicine and Dentistry

Dr Fadi Barrak is registered as a specialist in oral surgery and he is a Fellow of the International Team for Implantology (ITI). He is the academic lead for the Masters course in Dental Implantology at the University of Central Lancashire and is responsible for the development a…

Future careers

Our MSc Clinical Implantology course provides the busy General Dental Practitioner with a route to acquire the skills and knowledge required of a Dentist with Extended Skills.

Upon completion, you may choose to pursue further training and development in either a clinical or academic domain.

Fees and funding

Full-time£45,000 per year
Part-time£19,250 per year
Full-time£45,000 per year

Scholarships and bursaries

We have a wide range of bursaries, scholarships and funds available to help support you whilst studying with us.

Select your country to see eligibility information and how to apply by selecting more info on the cards below.


This course is based in the School of Medicine and Dentistry

For information on possible changes to course information, see our essential and important course information

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