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Dr Neil Cook

Lecturer in Research Methods – Online Learning
School of Dentistry

Neil teaches research methods, critical appraisal and public health across a number of our dental courses as well as supervising Master's dissertations. He has extensive experience a wide range of research projects covering quantitative, qualitative and systematic review methodologies.

Neil has been involved in the development of online learning in the School of Dentistry and delivers teaching both online and face to face. His research experience has covered a range of public health and educational topics but has predominantly involved interdisciplinary research into cancer awareness, and the language of cancer.

Neil studied Psychology at the University of Central Lancashire receiving both his undergraduate and Master's degrees here. He then began working as a research assistant in public health epidemiology in the School of Public Health and Clinical Sciences in 2010, before later moving to the School of Dentistry where he has since remained. In this time Neil has worked with colleagues across the university on a wide range of projects including subject areas such as public health, physiotherapy, pharmacology, corpus linguistics and, of,course, dentistry. In addition to research and teaching he organises the Science Festival contributions from the School of Dentistry, and has organised multiple interdisciplinary seminars and conferences within the field of cancer public health.