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Dr Marta Krysmann

Senior Lecturer
School of Dentistry

Marta teaches across a range of research-based modules. With particular expertise in experimental chemistry and material sciences, Marta supervises postgraduate projects based on independent research and systematic reviewing.

Marta’s current research interests include nanomaterials, in particular: (I) development of novel drug delivery systems and nanocomposites with long lasting antimicrobial finish; (II) development of antimicrobial coatings inhibiting biofilm formation on dental / denture materials; (III) development of novel nanomaterials for bioimaging and fluorescent nanotracers (CDots); (IV) development of peptide-based biogenic dental products / peptide enabled remineralisation. Marta’s research contributed to number of peer reviewed publications.

Currently Marta is a senior lecturer within the School of Dentistry.

Marta joined University of Central Lancashire in May 2013 as a lecturer in Physical Chemistry at School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences. In 2017 Marta was appointed as a senior lecturer in Pharmaceutical Chemistry within the School of Pharmacy and Biomedical Sciences.

Prior to working at the University of Central Lancashire, Marta worked as research associate at Cornell University in the USA.

Marta studied for the MSc level in Bioorganic Chemistry at Adam Mickiewicz University in Poland. During her studies, she went for Socrates Programme at Lund’s University in Sweden where she completed her studies with MSc in Physical Chemistry. In 2010 Marta completed her PhD at University of Reading in the UK.