Global Sustainable Futures: Progress through Partnerships Network

Co-creating global sustainable futures. The Global Sustainable Futures: Progress through Partnerships Network (GSFN) was established in 2020.

The network materialised out of the need to connect the Global South with the Global North. The purpose of the network is to address the challenges to sustainable futures through partnerships.

Network aims

Forge connections

between Global South and Global North

Foster partnerships

with governments and communities to achieve societal impact


an innovative research platform for the network


early career researchers’ interests along with experienced researchers

Deepen connections

between early career and senior researcher perspectives

Foster connections

between urban and rural communities

Improve interlinkages

and synergies between 17 SDGs within academia and in sustainability practice

Our priorities

Empowering and capacity building

Work with researchers to empower communities and individuals. To increase independence and support those who need it. Give researchers and stakeholders the legacy of sustainable practices.

Fair and inclusive

Improve economic, social, and environmental equality. By pursuing development that offers access to a good quality life and working conditions

Networking and engagement

Provide an innovative and global platform to make GSFN an influential and well-connected network. By transforming traditional societal systems into more sustainable systems


Co-create sustainable and resilient development pathways. This is to secure sustainable futures for all and everyone.
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GSFN founder

GSFN was founded on 31 October 2020 by Dr Renuka Thakore. Renuka believes that collaborations between stakeholders and research partnerships could be the key to achieving a sustainable future. 

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What we offer

Through GSFN, academics and practitioners can access evidence and expertise from several different parts of the world. They can also access:

Who can join?

GSFN is open to:

Why should I join?

We want to create an inclusive, collaborative, innovative and engaging network. A network where everyone can share in their research, innovation, visualisation, in parallel to the network’s success.

Get in touch

If you would like further information about GSFN or have a specific research inquiry, please use the contact details provided or use our contact form to message us.

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How we communicate

Emails and opportunities get communicated through a group email account and from Dr Renuka Thakore’s account. Please safe-list these two email addresses to avoid going to your spam folder.