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Dr Sean Gammon

Reader in Leisure and Tourism Management
Lancashire School of Business and Enterprise

Dr Sean Gammon has been writing and researching in sport tourism for twenty-five years; writing and managing the first undergraduate degree programme on the subject. Sean’s research interests mostly focus on sport tourist experiences, though more recently he has been exploring the breadth and significance of sports heritage in generating tourism. In addition to his work in sport tourism, he continues to contribute to the field of leisure studies, primarily focussing on the health-giving properties of leisure states of mind, as well as the use of leisure in education. Sean also supervises PhD and DBA programmes on numerous topics connected to leisure, heritage, leadership, sport and tourism

Sean has published in numerous academic journals ranging across several disciplines and fields - connected to business, sport, tourism and leisure management, and heritage studies. He has also co-edited several books (e.g. Heritage and the Olympics; Contemporary Perspectives in Leisure; Landscapes of Leisure; Heritage, Sport & Tourism) and is currently completing (with Ramshaw, 2021) a text on Baseball Heritage, published by University Press of Florida. In addition to his research and teaching duties, Sean coordinates the undergraduate research modules for the division of tourism, hospitality and events, as well as being a research degrees tutor for the School of Business.

Before joining UCLan in 2010 Sean worked at the University of Bedfordshire as the Field Chair for Sport and Leisure Management (UG programmes), and the Programme Manager for MSc Sport and Leisure Management, and MA Sport and Society. In 2006 he was elected as staff governor to the University Board. Sean is presently a Reader in Leisure and Tourism Management as well as acting as a Research Degree Tutor for School of Business. He is an active member of the Business and Management Research Executive, the Faculty Research, Innovation & Ethics Committee and the College of Professors and Readers. Sean’s current external duties include various associate editor positions for the Journals of Sport and Tourism, and Frontiers in Sports and Active Learning.

He has also been a guest editor and co-editor for the International Journal of Heritage, The Journal of Sport and Tourism, and the Annals of Leisure Research. In addition, Sean has been invited to deliver courses and classes at a number of international institutions such the University of Manitoba: Sport Tourism: Fandom, Nostalgia and Pilgrimage, Stichting Hanzehogeschool Groningen: Sport Tourism Attractions, Wyższa Szkoła Turystyki i Ekologii (Poland) Sport Tourism Events, and Clemson University: Heritage Sport Tourism.