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Dr Joshua Horsley

Lecturer in Music
School of Arts and Media

Joshua lectures and teaches on BA (Hons) Music Production and Performance, MA Music, and supervises PhD students. With specialisms in Music Composition, Production, Performance and Sonic Arts practice, Joshua's scholarly activities and research inform his International portfolio of performances, installations and exhibitions.

Josh’s primary creative and academic outputs concern the philosophical investigation of temporality within music composition, with further interests embedded in cross-disciplinary praxis. Josh’s work uses New Music and Sound Art composition, performance, and installation to reflect upon diverse sonic contents and possibilities of space and objects, often using composition to reflect on or create place. Whilst the sonic arts are the primary medium of practice, his work is often multi-disciplinary and collaborative with projects involving film, design, architecture and print-making.

Joshua's practice and research has been supported by experience performing solo, within bands, and large ensembles. As a composer, performer and multi-instrumentalist, his outputs cover a wide range of acoustic and electronic musical traditions with works composed and performed for Cello, String-quartet Piano, Guitar, Modular Synthesiser and Multi-channel loudspeaker orchestra. His performance, artistic and research practices have been disseminated Internationally with performances, exhibitions, and lectures in the UK, Ireland, Sweden, Germany, Morocco, Canada, USA, China, and Australia. As an educator and facilitator he is involved in Manchester based Modul Projects an ACE funded organisation formed to develop and deliver innovative electronic music and digital projects. Modul Projects provides a two-week residency for students, aged 16-24 wherein laptop practitioners are given the opportunity to work collaboratively and develop their compositional and production techniques. Joshua's role encompasses programme development, lecturing, instruction, and facilitation within workshop environments.