Paresh Parmar

Paresh is an innovative and driven individual who consistently achieves exceptional results. His interests span all aspects of Fashion Brand Marketing and the development and use of digital technology within the creative industries. He holds a First-Class Honours Degree in Fashion Promotion and Master’s degree in Lifestyle Promotion, which has enhanced his pedagogical approaches to teaching and learning. He also has experience setting up and managing a digital consultancy providing online business development alongside my role as non-executive director and trustee on the Board of HIVSport. The above has aided his teaching to a level where students taught have won multiple internationally recognised awards within their field of study. This has also provided the foundational knowledge to develop a research project called the Global Sound Movement (GSM) which in 2016 won ‘The Times Higher Education Award’ for ‘Excellence and Innovation in The Arts’. As a valued academic and industry professional his has managed the role of external examiner at London College of Fashion, Sheffield Hallam University and have aided on a number of validation panels in the UK and overseas for new and existing programmes. Paresh has complete understanding of course structures and HE qualifications along with excellent interpersonal skills assists me in my role of ‘Head of International Partnership and Business Development’ for the School of Art Design and Fashion.