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BSc (Hons)


3 Years
September 2022
Campus Taught
Foundation Entry

Explore the most complex organ in the body - the nervous system. You’ll learn how the brain and nervous system work to alter behaviour, perception, mood and memory from a cognitive and physiological psychology perspective.

Neuroscience is literally the ‘science of the brain.’ Studying such a complex organ – along with the nervous system it controls – requires the insights you can only gain from a multidisciplinary approach. Our degree is one of the few that offers you a multidisciplinary approach to cover areas of biological science alongside core areas of psychology.

You’ll learn to understand the cause and treatment for a range of neurological and psychiatric disorders and diseases like Parkinson’s, Alzheimer's, schizophrenia and depression.

During the first two years you’ll acquire the background knowledge that will prepare you for a future career in neuroscience and related areas. Then in your final year you’ll be given the opportunity to specialise in core areas.

Why study with us

  • Our custom-designed laboratories include a psychophysiology suite and brain imaging lab, as well as our pharmacy and biomedical labs.
  • Learn from specialists in areas including neuroimaging, psychopharmacology, physiological psychology, cognitive neuroscience and molecular neurobiology.
  • Our Psychology courses are ranked 2nd in the UK for learning opportunities and 3rd for learning resources - National Student Survey (NSS) 2019.

What you'll do

  • You can build experience and skills by assisting researchers on paid internships, conferences, publications and grants or part-time assistant work.
  • Gain an integrated understanding of the science of the brain by studying topics from both a psychological and biological perspective.
  • You’ll study biochemistry, physiology and pharmacology, offering a multi-faceted approach to understanding how the nervous system functions and impacts our behaviour.

Module Overview

Course Delivery

Following the pandemic, we have found that some courses benefit from a blended learning and teaching approach. Therefore, the majority of your teaching will be face-to-face on campus aside from a small amount of online teaching where we have learnt it works best.


Every effort has been made to ensure the accuracy of our published course information. However, our programmes are subject to ongoing review and development. Changing circumstances may cause alteration to, or the cancellation of, courses. Changes may be necessary to comply with the requirements of accrediting bodies or revisions to subject benchmarks statements. As well as to keep courses updated and contemporary, or as a result of student feedback. We reserve the right to make variations if we consider such action to be necessary or in the best interests of students.

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Future careers

As it covers such a diverse range of disciplines, our Neuroscience BSc (Hons) degree offers a diverse range of career possibilities – from medicine and rehabilitation, to research and education.

By the time you graduate from this course, you’ll have a diverse scientific skillset – offering the starting point for a variety of different career paths. As such, it’s a degree that could lead into science teaching, science writing, research in the pharmaceutical industry or a range of roles in the healthcare sector, to name but a few. With further study, even more doors open up - from medicine to academia.

During your studies, you can enhance your career prospects with all sorts of placements and internships. The final year placement module could take you to work either in labs, rehabilitation centres or brain rehabilitation, while we also offer the chance to spend a year on placement – honing your skills in labs, charities or healthcare centres. You could even take part in our research programmes with a paid internship as an assistant, or by working on research conferences or research publications. With a range of options, you’ll have every opportunity to put some career-boosting experience on your CV.

Fees and Funding

Full-time£9250 per year
Sandwich year£1000 for the sandwich year
Part-time£1540 per 20 credits
Full-time£14000 per year
Part-time£1540 per 20 credits
Full-time£14000 per year
Full-time£9250 per year
Sandwich year£1000 for the sandwich year
Part-time£1540 per 20 credits
Full-time£14250 per year

Scholarships and Bursaries

We have a wide range of scholarships, bursaries and funds available to help support you whilst studying with us.

Select your country and see eligibility information and how to apply by selecting more info on the cards below.


This course is based in the School of Psychology and Computer Science located in the Faculty of Science and Technology

For information on possible changes to course information, see our Essential and Important Course Information

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