UCAS points calculator

Use our points calculator to check the tariff points of your qualifications and if you are eligible for contextual admissions.

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A number of factors can influence your application, below we can check to see you qualify for any points reductions


How to use our UCAS points calculator

  • Select the qualification type at the top of the UCAS calculator from the list, once you've done this, enter the title of the course into the course box.
  • Select the grade you received for the qualification to add it to your UCAS tariff points, then click 'add qualification' and the qualification will appear at the top of the UCAS points calculator.
  • Repeat the above steps to add your remaining qualifications to the UCAS calculator.
  • The blue bar at the top of the calculator will tell you how many UCAS tariff points you have at the end, you can use this to see if you are eligible to apply for your chosen course.

Contextual admissions

A number of factors can influence the qualifications you achieve in school or college. Enter your postcode into the calculator to check whether you are eligible for a reduced entry tariff.

What are UCAS points?

UCAS points (also known as UCAS tariff points) convert your grades and qualifications into a numerical value. Most qualifications have a UCAS Tariff value, which vary dependent on the size of the qualification and the grade you achieved. 

The higher the grade you achieve, the higher the number of UCAS points you'll receive.

How are UCAS points used?

Your UCAS points will be used by us or other course providers to assess whether you meet the entry requirements for a particular course.

An offer that is grade-based offer (e.g. ABC) means a student must achieve a certain combination of grades, whereas an offer that's based on UCAS points allows a student to use a combination of grades to meet the entry requirements.

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