CIRCUITS is a multipurpose neuroscience and behavioural neurosciences suite of laboratories, used for both teaching and student led research projects.

It houses advanced research equipment such as fluorescent microscopes, behavioural tracking equipment, immunohistochemical equipment, psychophysiology equipment and virtual reality (occulus rift glasses).

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Use our advanced research equipment to analyse and understand test results.
Use our advanced research equipment to analyse and understand test results.

Detailed information

Kit list

  • This suite of laboratories houses a variety of equipment for our teaching and research needs including: Leica Fluorescent imaging microscope and computer; Leica fly pushing microscope; Leica dissection microscope with reverse phase contrast and extra arm for teaching students to carry out dissections; behavioural rig with Basler camera; behavioural testing arenas that are IR transmissible and fit into an IR light box to allow monitoring of fly behaviour; behavioural analysis software (Noldus 14TX) for testing fruit flies under varying conditions; incubators to house the flies; 10 dissecting teaching microscopes; two PE Enspire multimode plate readers; a Biopac MP 160; occulus rift VR glasses; CED electrophysiology equipment.
  • As expected, it also houses all the necessary basic laboratory equipment including but not limited to Gilson pipettes; microfuges; class II lamina flow cabinet; bench top refrigerated centrifuge; incubators for housing and testing the fruit flies; Scales and measures; rocker plates.


10.00am to 4.00pm.


The CIRCUITS can be found in 028, 024, 033, 032, 031 and 029 of the Darwin Building

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