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Health Psychology Suite

The Psychology Health Suite is a teaching and research facility, designed so that students can participate in the activities being conducted in the adjoining laboratories.

The Psychology Health Suite is a teaching and research facility. It houses a central conference room, for teaching and discussion, with specialist laboratories off the perimeter of this central room.

The suite of laboratories comprises:

  • a food preparation laboratory,
  • a fully equipped neuroendocrine laboratory for analysis of hormones and other analytes in blood and saliva,
  • a cardiovascular laboratory equipped with state of the art equipment
  • stress lab which houses virtual reality equipment a one-way mirror viewed from the cardio lab, and a therapeutic chair for participants taking part in experiments in there (see picture)
  • a briefing/ debriefing room
  • a laboratory to take measurements of height and weight, this room also houses sample storage and an exercise bike.

Detailed Information


Open during normal teaching hours.


The Health Psychology Suite can be found in 028, 29, 030, DB031, 033, 034 and 035 of the Darwin Building

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