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Megan’s Top 7 places I love to go in Preston

I have been in Preston for about five years now, it a city that has had some major changes since I started here in 2013, however these are some of my favourite places to go in Preston: Avenham and Miller Park – If you need to get away from revi...

1 min read

What is Preston really like?

I've lived in Preston all my life and whenever I travel to other places in the UK, the reaction I get when I say where I'm from is either 'Where's that?' or 'Oh dear, well somebody has to be!' However, Preston is a very underestimated place. It is...

2 min read

4 reasons why Preston is the most underrated Student City in the UK

Preston beat London in UK's most improved urban area\*, we're going places! Preston achieved above-average improvements for health, transport, work-life balance, and more. There is a large student population in Preston, and you can get directly t...

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