Commuter students

Many of our students live at home and commute to university for their studies. If you're a local student thinking about travelling to uni, this page has all the information you need to help you decide.

Commuting to campus

Our campuses have great transport links. This makes getting to campus and getting around convenient, accessible, and safe. There's a range of travel options for you to choose from. From walking and cycling to public transport. There are lots of discounts on travel for students too.

Don’t worry if you’re not living on campus, you'll still have a great experience. Students living at home and commuting to uni have plenty of opportunities to get involved with student life outside the classroom. 

View our frequently asked questions about commuting.

Places for you to relax on campus

Our social spaces are a great place to catch up with friends if you travel into campus from home. You can get involved in lots of activities in the SU building. Plus, the Oasis Faith and Spirituality Centre provides a calm, welcoming environment for everyone. 

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Learn some new skills or catch up on studies

As well as the library, you have access to lots of learning opportunities. You could go to our Worldwise Centre to explore languages and connect with others. Or develop your business expertise for success at our Propeller Hub.

Become friends for life

Want to say hello to your future course mates or flatmates before you join the University of Central Lancashire? Our closed Facebook groups give you the opportunity to get to know each other before you start.

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Student life

Don’t worry if you’re not living on campus. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to get involved with student life outside the classroom. Make friends for life, explore your potential and discover new passions. 

Plus, if you're a local student from Preston or Burnley, you have the added bonus of being a tour guide for your new friends.

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Join a society

Join a society to meet like-minded people, make friends, and explore social activities outside your course. Don't see a society you like? Societies are student-led so you can create your own with the help of the SU.

From trying new hobbies, sharing your nationality or expressing your creative passions. There is a society for everyone.

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Recreational sport

Staying active is a mood booster and playing sport is a great way to meet new people. As a student, you'll get free gym member ship and access to sports facilities. You'll enjoy a welcoming home-from-home feeling and form friendships for life. 

If you're serious about sport, you could join a competitive team and represent us in many clubs.

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Travelling to our campuses

  • A picture of the student centre in the background with plants and flowers in the front

    With fantastic transport links, visiting our Preston Campus is a simple and stress-free experience. Here are some directions to help you find us.

  • Victoria Mill Burnley with canal in the foreground

    Our compact Burnley Campus is easily accessible by car or public transport. Here are some directions and travel advice to help you find us.

  • Aerial view of Westlakes Campus and surroundings.

    Our picturesque Westlakes Campus in Cumbria is located near Whitehaven. Here are some directions and travel advice to help you find us.

Frequently asked questions

You're a commuter student if you live at your home address whilst attending classes. This could be with your family, partner, friends, or alone. Your 'home' and 'term-time' address will usually be the same. 

Some students will live close to their university, whilst others come from different areas within the region. Some commuter students may even come from even further afield depending on how much time they need to spend on campus. 

A home address is your permanent residence, so it might be your family home or where you live with your partner or friends.

A term-time address is where you stay if you're living in university or private accommodation when studying. For example, if you lived in our halls this would be classed as your term-time address.

For some students, their home and term-time address will be the same. This would usually mean you are a commuter student, as you'd likely travel into campus for your studies.

There are many benefits of commuting to university whilst living at home.

Saving money
It's likely that you will be able to save money on accommodation, especially if you are living at home with family. You might even be able to save money on food and other living expenses. You can also choose to live in an area that might be slightly cheaper than the city or town centre.

Support from family and friends
Having a good support network is really important when studying at university. It's an amazing experience, but it can be stressful at times. Living at home means you have that support network readily available to you. 

Fewer distractions
Commuting to university means you'll be able to study in a distraction free environment. You'll be able to avoid lively university halls and you'll get a clear boundary between your academic and social life. 

You're likely to know the best places to go
Being familiar with the local area can be helpful. You can share your knowledge about the best cafes, restaurants, and places to relax. You'll also be able to act as a tour guide to new friends who are not from the area.  

The decision on whether to live on campus or commute will always depend on your own personal circumstances. 

According to a report by HEPI published in 2018, over 20% of students in the UK are thought to live at home and commute to university. This number is thought to have increased since the Covid-19 pandemic.

You'll absolutely be able to get involved in university life whilst living at home. You can join societies and attend Students' Union events. You also have use of all the campus facilities and can socialise with friends. Plus, you can engage in online communities or set up your own.

Check out the information above for more ideas on how to get involved in student life.

Our campuses have excellent transport links, making it easy to commute to classes. You can view the information on commuting to campus for tips on getting the train, bus or cycling. If you want detailed information on how to get to each campus, visit the following pages:

Commuting as a student often results in significant cost savings compared to living on or near campus. If you're living at home, you might be living rent-free or paying very little rent. This means you may also be fortunate enough not to worry about utility bills, or other associated expenses. You could also be living outside of the city or town which may be cheaper than living closer to campus.

Commuting also allows you to have more control over your food expenses. You can prepare meals at home and may even be able to share meals with family or whoever you live with. How much you save will vary depending on your individual circumstances. However, being a commuter student can provide financial benefits and you might be able to manage your money more efficiently.