Oasis Faith and Spirituality Centre

The Oasis Faith and Spirituality Centre is open to people of any religion or none. It's a place for quiet reflection between studies to meet up with friends and get pastoral support.

The Oasis Faith and Spirituality Centre exists to encourage people in the pursuit and development of their faith. We promote understanding and respect amongst members of different faiths. It's a neutral space where the chaplaincy team offer pastoral and spiritual support for all, whether they have a faith allegiance or not.

The Team of chaplains and faith advisors consists of members drawn from a range of religious traditions. They seek to:

  • offer an environment of unconditional welcome
  • offer spiritual and pastoral support to students and staff
  • promote dialogue and mutual respect
  • assist individuals in the pursuit of their spiritual aspirations and in their distinctive faith
  • facilitate worship, prayer, meditation and celebration by people of different religions and faiths
  • encourage an awareness of and participation in faith communities in their observances and practices

The staff are available for personal and confidential pastoral consultation - religious or otherwise - to all members of the University community.

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Students in a meeting
Students in a meeting

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Monday to Sunday

7.30 am - midnight


The Oasis Faith and Spirituality Centre can be found in Ground floor of the Oasis building on Kirkham Street

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