Schools and colleges

Subject Specific Sessions

UCLan is committed to working with schools and college; we offer a number of outreach sessions across a range of subject areas. Please see the individual descriptions for further details.

University Experience Days

On campus taster days are offered in a range of subjects throughout the year. Contact us for details of forthcoming sessions and availability. 

On campus: 10am – 3pm.

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(Year Group 12)

Sessions cover a number of topics and aim to get students excited about mathematics, demonstrating real-world scenarios where mathematics is used.

Current topics offered include: 
  • Probability problems associated with the National Lottery 
  • Using matrices to encrypt messages 
  • Estimating areas
Delivered on or off campus

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(Year Groups 11-12)

UCLan scientists from the Jeremiah Horrocks Institute provide engaging educational activities; pupils learn more about the Sun and space weather through a range of experiments and videos. 

Delivered on campus by the Solar Group.

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Law - Mediation

(Year Groups 12-13)
Mediation is a form of dispute resolution which is an alternative to going through the court system.  The aim is for the parties in dispute to reach a solution themselves, with guidance from the mediator. This session will talk you through the importance of (civil/commercial/workplace) mediation, the process itself and how it works.  You will learn valuable transferable skills, such as active listening, communication, questioning techniques and rapport building.  You will then be given the opportunity to try out your skills as a mediator, and your acting skills as a party in dispute!  Interactive and fun! 

Duration: 3 hours    Delivery: on or off campus.

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Law - Crime and Punishment

(Year Groups 5-9)
In this session both children and teachers take part in a scripted, historic real trial enactment (with props!). Experience for real the flavour of a murder trial; the evidence; the barristers; the judge; the sentencing. Explore themes in crimes and punishment and compare the different historic approaches to the regulation of people and behaviour. Pre or post trial class-room session for discussion and exploration of ideas also available. Fun, dynamic and fascinating. 2 hours (trial only) 3 hours including workshop. On campus.

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Law - Crime and Punishment

(Year Groups 10-13)
Ideal for all students, and in particular those interested in law, criminology, psychology, history & sociology. In this session both pupils and teachers take part in the trial of Ruth Ellis – the last woman to be hanged in Britain, and a significant cause of the ending of capital punishment in Britain. Experience for yourselves the intrigue and pomposity of this murder trial; the evidence (and lack of it); the barristers; the judge; the sentencing. Explore themes relating to criminology & psychology and analyse the changes in the legal approach to the regulation of society. Thought-provoking, disturbing and unsettling.
Pre or post trial class-room session for discussion and exploration of ideas also available. 

Duration: 2 hours (trial only) 3 including workshop on campus.

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Law - Teen v Doctor

(Year Groups 9-13)
An interactive session using role play and discussion to look at controversial case studies in a medical law context.  Such controversies may include:
  • A teenage patient with anorexia facing the prospect of force-feeding
  • A terminally ill teenager wishing to refuse future treatment
  • A pregnant teenager and her boyfriend facing a decision with respect to abortion
  • A schizophrenic teenager facing the prospect of being sectioned in a psychiatric facility under mental health laws
  • A teenager who wants contraceptive advice but worried that her/his parent would find out
  • A teenage Jehovah’s Witness who wants to refuse blood transfusion
  • A teenager who is under pressure to donate his/her bone marrow/kidney to a younger sibling who is very ill
  • A teenager who wants to have plastic surgery.
The session can be tailored to the requirements of the participants.

Learning outcomes:
  • Teamwork
  • Ethical awareness
  • Legal awareness
Duration: 2 hours     Delivery: on or off campus.

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Law - Criminal Law

(Year Groups 12-13)
An interactive session revising the OAPA 1861 offences and applying them to a problem scenario.  The session concludes with a short moot as students represent either Prosecution or Defence to decide the fate of the defendant.

The session can be tailored to focus on particular offences as required.

Duration: 1-2 hours    Delivery: on or off campus

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Children, Schools and Families

(Year Groups 10-12)

This presentation will explore the key themes in the BA (Hons) Children, Schools and Families degree, including career opportunities. Students participate in the talk by examining the meaning of childhood in contemporary society and reflecting on some of the assumptions they hold about children and families. This talk will be especially relevant to students who wish to go on to work with children and young people.

Key outcomes:
  • to help students examine and reflect on the key themes which underpin the degree
  • to help students identify and investigate ‘common sense’ knowledge and stereotypes
  • to provide course and career information
Duration 40-60 minutes (can be tailored to suit)

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Year Groups 9-11

General talks about learning languages, with final year students. Off campus, 45 mins. 

Year Groups 9-12

Russian taster. Off campus, 45 mins.

Buon Appetito! Italian language and culture taster. Off campus, 45 mins.

China, the New Land of Opportunities + Chinese language taster. Off campus, 45 mins.

Life in the Asia-Pacific. Off campus, 45 mins.

International Relations of East Asia. Off campus, 45 mins.

Arabic for GCSE students. Off campus, 45 mins.

Arabic taster sessions. Off campus, 45 mins.

'Introduction to Spain: History and Geography'. Off campus, 45 mins.

Spanish language taster. Off campus, 45 mins.

Year Groups 11-12

An introduction to the profession of translator/interpreter. Off campus, 45 mins.

The rise and fall of the Berlin Wall. Off campus, 45 mins.

Year Groups 11-13
Teach English and travel abroad. Off campus, 45 mins.

Year Groups 12-13
French Literature and Philosophy: The Case of Existentialism. Off campus, 45 mins. 

Retail Management

Understanding retail locations and formats

This session attempts to build understanding of the different formats used by retailers, and how each differs in attracting target markets in specific locations. An interactive mapping session highlights how location and format strategies draw local consumers to particular shopping venues. 

Year groups 12/13 (key stage 5)
Duration 1 hour
Delivery: On or off Campus

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Post-recessional changes in consumer behaviour 

This quiz format session brings together participants’ personal shopping habits, with UK-wide data collected on consumer trends, to establish if consumers really are changing or what it means to retailers. This session reflects on the influences from economics and psychology on consumer habits to build a bigger picture about UK consumption.

Year groups 12/13 (key stage 5)
Duration 1 hour
Delivery: On or off Campus

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A-Level talks and visits

The History group is keen to support A-level history students with their studies. We offer on-campus talks and workshops – free of charge - that can be tailored to the specific requirements of any school or college. Arrangements can also be made for History lecturers to give talks to schools and colleges - free of charge. Our staff have particular expertise in the following areas of the A-Level syllabus:

  • Post-1945 International Relations
  • The Cold War 
  • The Vietnam War
  • The Korean War
  • China under Chairman Mao
  • The Making of Modern China
  • India 1914-1948
  • The Unification and Development of Germany
  • Totalitarian Ideology
  • Nazi Germany
  • Post-1945 Germany
  • France in Revolution
  • The Russian Revolutions
  • Soviet Union under Stalin
  • The American Civil Rights Movement
  • Post-1945 South Africa
  • Britain and Appeasement
  • Industrialisation and Social Change in Britain
  • Nineteenth Century Britain
  • Poverty, Public Health and the State in Britain
  • The British Empire
  • Twentieth Century Britain
  • Post-1945 Britain
  • Britain during the 1960s
  • Nineteenth Century Ireland
  • Twentieth Century Ireland