Dementia research

Biomedical evidence-based transdisciplinary health research

Dementia research is an area of increasingly strong interest at the University, with a diverse range of research groups. The ongoing research is complemented with public events featuring renowned external speakers

Dementia is a major societal concern and the number of dementia patients is expected to rise in the next few decades, given the increasingly longer life expectancy. Research into the causes, the underlying neurobiology, diagnosis and treatment of dementia is important towards more effective treatments in the future.

Dementia research is a subject of increasingly strong interest at the University and we deliver a range of public events, which people are welcome to attend. These events aim to unite individuals from the general public who have an interest in dementia research, our researchers, and esteemed guest speakers. To find out more about our first event, please read the news article

For further information, please email Dr Vassilis Beglopoulos, Lecturer in Neuroscience.