Lancashire Research Institutes

Lancashire Research Institute of Citizenship, Society and Change

The Lancashire Research Institute of Citizenship, Society and Change brings together powerful research strands from four UCLan Faculties into a critical mass capable of extensive transdisciplinary work, well placed to respond to urgent and profound questions concerning a sustainable future, relationships among individuals and communities, arts and culture, public institutions of health, welfare and security.  The Directors of the Institute are Professor Nicky Stanley, Dr John Whitton, Professor Ulrike Zeshan and Professor Lynn Froggett with research backgrounds that reflect the cross disciplinary nature of the Institute.


In the wake of Brexit and in the context of austerity, a refugee crisis and mass migration, increase in global energy demand, climate change and environmental degradation, terrorism, violence against women and children, political instability and polarisation, the questions of citizenship, civil society and the constitution of public realm itself are in flux. Especially, the matter of how the future is to be imagined, who is to be included in any new settlement, and on what terms.

The Institute will respond to the urgent need to find effective responses to these social challenges that demand new and bigger thinking by working together across disciplines and fields to generate new fields of enquiry, new questions and new responses. This Institute will be made up of 13 research groupings drawn from 10 Schools. From 2011 to 2016, these 13 groups were awarded nearly £6m in research funding, including from the EU Horizon 2020 programme, Big Lottery, public bodies, UK and European research councils, the Home Office, and local councils and trusts.

Professors Lynn Froggett and Ulrike Zeshan tell us about the new Research Institute: