Psychosocial Research Unit

Institute for Planetary Resilience and Community Transformation

We provide psychosocially informed research and evaluation services to socially engaged arts organisations, museums and others. We also research policies, practices and histories of public mental health, care and prison systems, and the third sector. We are founding members of the Association of Psychosocial Studies.

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Professor Lynn Froggett
Professor of Psychosocial Welfare
School of Health, Social Work and Sport

Lynn Froggett's focus is on the contribution of arts and culture to human health and welfare. Other key interests are in civic renewal and public mental health. She has led numerous collaborative research programmes in settings as diverse as health, education, criminal justice …

Professor Alastair Roy
Professor of Social Research
School of Health, Social Work and Sport

I am Professor of Social Research and Co-Director of the Psychosocial Research Unit. Before becoming an academic I was youth and community worker and residential social worker. I describe myself as an inter-disciplinary scholar and I have a particular interest in research methodo…