Research Centre for Global Development (C4Globe)

Institute for Planetary Resilience and Community Transformation

The UCLan Research Centre for Global Development brings together researchers from all subject areas to develop robust and equitable research partnerships that will address major challenges to society.


Working with international partners and communities, we uphold the values of fairness, respect, care and honesty and are closely aligned to the United Nations UN 2030 Sustainable Development Goals. A key commitment of this agenda is to "leave no one behind", meaning that the needs of those most marginalised and disadvantaged will be prioritised.

C4Globe has three main objectives:

  • To promote challenge-led disciplinary and interdisciplinary research at UCLan, aimed at addressing the UN Sustainable Development Goals.
  • To strengthen capacity for research, innovation and knowledge exchange with partners in low and middle-income countries.
  • To provide guidance and support for establishing equitable research partnerships.

C4Globe has 3 key research themes

  1. Social justice and inequalities
  2. Sustainable food systems
  3. Global health and policy

The C4Globe is part of the PACT Institute for planetary resilience and community transformations and connects the following existing groups:

Our steering committee

The following steering committee members are passionate about the research undertaken in the Centre; find out more about them and what they hope can be achieved:

  • Professor Nicola Lowe (Director and specialist in theme 2) - "Addressing inequalities wherever they occur, whether in the UK or in international settings, is central to our research endeavours."
  • Dr Victoria Moran (Deputy Director and specialist in theme 3) - "Leaving no one behind means concentrating research efforts on the most vulnerable, which is why our group works on maternal and infant health."
  • Professor Doris Schroeder (specialist in theme 1) - "To link one of the oldest ethics research centres in Europe into ongoing efforts to address humanity’s challenges is a privilege."
  • Dr Allwell Uwazuruike (specialist in theme 1) - "The journey towards sustainable growth and development requires a constant fusion of minds and ideas. It is this collaboration and interdisciplinarity that lies at the heart of the centre’s work."
  • Dr Shingai Nyarugwe (specialist in theme 2) - "Contributing to a world where innovation, collaboration, and sustainable development thrive, we adopt forward-looking, evidence-based, and people-centred approaches built through collective efforts."

Meet our steering committee

Professor Nicola Lowe
Professor of Nutritional Sciences
Dr Allwell Uwazuruike
Senior Lecturer in Law
Dr Shingai Nyarugwe
Lecturer in Food Safety

Current and recent projects

Biofortification with Zinc and Iron for Eliminating Deficiency (BIZIFED):
The first effectiveness study of the impact of consuming zinc biofortified wheat in Pakistan. Follow the BIZIFED link for further details and research findings.

Improving community engagement with COVID-19 public health messages in hard-to-reach communities:
Our study helped to overcome cultural barriers to communicating public health and safety guidance and facilitated access to clean water during the pandemic in rural communities in Pakistan.

Pro-active Pandemic Crisis Ethics and Integrity Framework (PREPARED):
Developing a moral framework for accelerated research during global crisis.

Leaving no one behind in Research:
Wellcome Trust funded Africa - UK collaboration, which seeks to rethink the concept of vulnerability to increase the inclusion of marginalised groups in research.

Projects supported through C4Globe grants:


Exploring community experiences of Energy Poverty in Lancashire and the role of renewable energy for social impact mitigation. M Unuigbe.

TRANSFER: TRANsitional Spaces: Learning From the Experiences of Ukrainian Refugees. C Campodonico.

Co-development of a Smartphone Application to Report Breaches to the Marketing CODE of Formula Milk and Infant Foods Advertising in Mexico. M Ceballos Rasgado.

Promoting positive dietary behaviour in children in North India using an incentive mechanism approach: An exploration of stakeholders’ perceptions. S Gupta.

Stories across the globe: children’s stories for learning about climate change. B Walley.

Improving postharvest management practices and food safety of indigenous fruits and vegetables in low-income communities in Zimbabwe. S Nyarugwe.

Contact us:

To find out more about the C4Globe, please email Professor Nicola Lowe, Centre Director, or email Dr Victoria Moran, Centre Deputy Director.

To sign up to the C4Globe newsletter please email Anna Brazier

For the latest news and updates, follow us on X: @c4globe