Faculty of Culture and the Creative Industries Research


Research is central to the faculty's success.  Research staff have expertise across 5 areas of research strength, and research that is disciplinary, interdisciplinary or theoretical is undertaken within the context of a large transdisciplinary faculty.

The Faculty makes a substantial contribution to the following University Research Themes:

Arts, Culture and Heritage
Citizenship, Society and Justice  
People, Place and Environment

And members of the Faculty are part of the Lancashire Institute of Citizenship, Society and Change.

Migration, Diaspora and the Black Atlantic

Migration, Diaspora and the Black Atlantic brings together researchers from area studies, languages, literature, history and art who study the history and present-day impact of mass migration on culture and society across the world. Includes academics working in our Making Histories Visible Centre and the Institute of Black Atlantic Research. To find out more please contact Dr Lara Momesso.

Creative Practice, History and Theory

Creative Practices Research brings together creative practitioners and those who write about creative practice, whether that is fine art, music, creative writing, dance or performance.  To find out more please contact Professor Erik Knudsen or Professor Ewa Mazierska.

Research Spaces - Art & Design

Research Spaces - Music and Performing Arts

Research Spaces - Communication, Culture and Media

Research Spaces - English Language & Literature

History and Heritage

History and Heritage emphasises public engagement and concentrates mainly on modern history since 1780, with research groupings in Labour and People‚Äôs History and in International History as well as some unique specialisms.  To find out more please contact Dr Robert Poole.

The Vladimir Vysotsky Centre for Russian Studies


 iSLanDS, the International Institute for Sign Languages and Deaf Studies is a unique hub for the study of sign languages and deaf studies.

Asia Pacific

 Asia Pacific researchers study the history, culture and politics of the Asia Pacific region, with significant strengths in Korea, Taiwan, China, Russia and Japan.  To find out more please contact Dr Niki J.P. Alsford.

International Institute of Korean Studies

Research Spaces - Area Studies

Research Spaces - Modern Languages & Linguistics

International Law

International Law includes studies of maritime law in the South China Seas, laws on piracy and smuggling, as well as new research into cybercrime. To find out more please contact Professor Keyuan Zou.

Criminal justice partnership