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Yuki Nishigami

Pre-sessional English

The thought of working amongst the sea, sand and sunshine of Hawaii is motivating pre-sessional student Yuki Nishigami to improve her English.

The 21 year-old from Kumamoto, Japan, says she would love to find a job in a resort on the Pacific Island in the future, but understands the importance of studying English first.


“I would love to get a job speaking English while working in a hotel in Hawaii. There are a lot of Japanese tourists in Hawaii and the weather is very nice so it would be perfect!” said Yuki.

“My major is in English and I love speaking the language so I was thrilled to get the opportunity to come to England. I think it’s a good experience to study abroad for a year. I will return to Meio University in Japan after this year to study English Literature.”

Yuki is enjoying life in the UK and enjoys travelling around Britain in her spare time.

“I like to travel around the country and visit the many cities in the UK. Yesterday I visited Lancaster and before that I’ve been to London, Portsmouth, York, The Lake District and Manchester.

“Even though all of these places are in the same country, each city and its architecture are very different and I enjoy exploring the different cities.”

While Preston may be a smaller city to live in, Yuki admits she enjoys the quieter and relaxed feel of the place.

“I think it’s a great place to live. It’s a little bit quieter than other cities and I enjoy going to the parks which are very pretty. The parks here are huge and are a great place to relax. Avenham Park has the Japanese Garden as well which is really nice.

“I love being in Britain and I’m really enjoying the experience more than I expected to. I will miss living here when I go back to Japan.”