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Walusiku Stuart Lisulo

MA International Journalism

Walusiku studied MA International Journalism at UCLan.

What made you chose to study your course?

UCLan has unparalleled learning resources for the course that I wanted to study; excellent and highly experienced lecturers at both undergraduate and post-graduate level and a brilliant student support structure.

What did you do after graduation?

Application for jobs in my field was my main priority and after I completed my studies I proceeded to apply for positions.

What are your lasting memories of your time at UCLan?

I’ll never forget the late nights at the UCLan library, without which I wouldn’t have had the learning resources to complete my assignments. Preston has such a wonderful blend between an urban and rural environment that there is almost certainly something for everyone’s taste. Also, the social life was vibrant and exciting!

What advice you would give to graduates wanting to do something similar, or what message would you like to give to those thinking of taking up study?

Firstly, try to gain access to those that studied the programme you intend to study to get a first-hand experience of what it is really like. A great avenue would be reference to the University’s alumni profile. Secondly, embark on your own research to compare and contrast how the programme fares with other Universities taking into account the graduate to employment ratios. Practical skills are what employers really are after so volunteer as much as possible and try develop your communication and interpersonal skills.

Have you received any awards, appointments, had any publications or are there any other accomplishments you would like to tell us about?

I hold a 2:1 in a BA(Hons) History, which enabled me to qualify for the MA programme. I also made an appearance at the 2011 MediaGuardian Edinburgh International T.V. Festival as a Network Delegate, which exposed me to TV production and how news packages are constructed for news bulletins. I also had a newspaper article published for the Lancashire Evening Post for their Education Supplement that year. Work placements are a great way to expand your skills, and prove your versatility and initiative.

Has your degree, or your experiences at UCLan had any particular impact on your current employment or your life in general?

Now that I have 2 Degrees, I believe that makes me competitive, and combined with the voluntary work experience I now have clear idea about what I want to do and where I am going to find it. Presently, I know it is just a matter of time before I clinch that all-important position!