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Vicky Lee Young

Vicky lands prestigious job – thanks to a placement

A third year BA (Hons) Business Studies (Business Information Systems) student has been offered a graduate position after a successful industrial placement with National Grid.

Vicky Young, who will start working with National Grid at their office in Solihull, has been awarded a sponsorship to cover her books and stationery during the last year at the university.

Besides going to different meetings, helping with the calls, on her placement Vicky has assisted setting up a monthly forum for company’s partners and providers. As a result of this, she helped to reduce amount of incidents National Grid was getting per month.

Vicky said: “I was paying attention to detail, asking the smaller questions which were not obvious to those who had been working on the projects for some time. National Grid was really impressed with the documents I produced having exceeded their expectations”.

She had been elected as a lead event coordinator and organised the big learning development talk with the chairman, CEO, Finance Director and few other professionals from different National Grid UK areas. She also had organised various trips as well as summer outdoors networking event for the new interns.

Vicky commented: “Being at university is different from being in the workplace. You may not necessarily use all the things you’ve learned but as you progress you are putting your gained knowledge into practice. For example the systems I’ve been working with in Service Management were very similar to the systems we use at university.”

Now Vicky is looking forward to an exciting career working in National Grid.