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Valentin Gaivoronskiy

Master of Business Administration

Valentin studied the MBA at UCLan and is currently pursuing a career in telecoms/IT.

“I had already been familiar with some UCLan faculty members before going to Preston. They had told me quite a lot about UCLan and its numerous educational opportunities. That obviously whetted my desire to study at UCLan and confirmed it was really a viable choice.

“UCLan offers diversity of cultures in my group, teamwork experience, open exchange of opinion, friendly atmosphere, trust and cooperation by faculty staff members. I had been in constant touch with UCLan faculty staff members all along before and during my course of study. For one thing, Josi Odoni was the person who really helped me make my stay an easy and pleasant experience.

“I would strongly recommend studying at UCLan to all prospective students. UCLan is really an exciting place to be!”