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UCLan’s a perfect match for mature student

Sarah Medus studies MMath (Hons) Mathematics at the University of Central Lancashire (UCLan). A mature student, Sarah has immersed herself in UCLan life and is hoping to become a teacher after graduation.

Sarah decided to study at UCLan because she was impressed with the course content. The option to take the MMath route also appealed to her as this wasn’t available at some of the other universities she was considering.

“I liked the look of the course content and I thought I would enjoy it more than what was being offered by other universities. UCLan also offered a cryptology module which really interested me as it was what I wanted to study the most and none of the other universities I looked at offered this.”

From the beginning of her studies, Sarah has been impressed with the quality of the teaching and in particular the levels of staff support.

“The teaching has been excellent. The course is interesting, well delivered, very well structured and covers a wide range of topics. The tutorial time in first year is beneficial and being given set work to hand in each week works well.

“I like that the class size is quite small so the lecturers know everyone and make sure that you are keeping on top of things. I thought the team building trip to Tyn Dwr was also a good idea. I'd been to a larger university when I was younger and the lecturers had no idea who anyone was, and you were lucky if you knew more than 10 students on your course.”

As a mature student Sarah had to make a number of financial sacrifices in order to return to university and she admits she struggled in her first year. However, the Students’ Union provided a great deal of help and her tutor also offered advice and assistance.

Away from the classroom, Sarah has taken advantage of the range of opportunities available to UCLan students. She is currently in the process of organising a trip to Italy for June 2015. If the application is successful second year students will spend three days in Italy, visiting the Leaning Tower of Pisa, Fibonacci's memorial and the Sistine Chapel. And Sarah has also found time to gain work experience.

Sarah said: “In May I tutored students at Worden Academy, who had requested that UCLan help their failing GCSE students. Since then I have been allowed to work in the school one day a week to gain some classroom experience, which will help me move into teaching after my degree.”

So far Sarah has enjoyed her time at UCLan, both in and outside of the classroom, and believes her most lasting memory of her UCLan experience will be the friendships she has formed.

She added: “I was worried that being so much older than everyone else I might be a bit secluded but it has been completely the opposite and I have met an amazing group of people. I couldn't imagine having gone to another university and being this happy or enjoying it half as much as I have done at UCLan.”