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UCLan organises trips to help support studying students

A group of first year students went on a trip to the Slavery Museum in Liverpool as part of their Human Rights module. It was designed to support the students’ appreciation of slavery, servitude and forced labour.

The trip, which was open to all first year students studying the module, was organised during a lecture slot, meaning that all students had the opportunity to attend. Attendance was not compulsory however 50 first year students braved the snowy weather to visit the museum which shows aspects of historical and contemporary slavery. As well as this, it is also an international hub for resources on human rights issues.

The students had a three hour tour which involved some free time to have a look around the museum and also to take in the sights of Liverpool. The trip which is ran every year was a great success with leading lecturer and trip organiser Ian Turner commenting: "considering the snowy weather lots of students turned up and were very impressed with the museum, the trip was, and continues to be, a great success".

Lancashire Law School regularly organises trips in order to support students with their studies, however they also arrange events to help students socialise! A trip to the Galleries of Justice Museum was organised during the induction week for first year students, it was an icebreaker which involved taking part in a mock trial for the case of Valentine Marshall. The trip was a compulsory part of the Justice System Module and saw 160 students in total spread over three days visiting the Galleries of Justice Museum.