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Small Wind Turbine part of an integrated approach to sustainability for The Wellbeing Farm

The Wellbeing Farm is a recently established rural education and events venue based near Edgworth in Lancashire, featuring an artisan cookery school, coffee lounge, stables, indoor riding school, a petting area and nature trails, together with a series of function rooms for courses and corporate events. When devising the concept for the Wellbeing Farm, the management team was keen to incorporate as many measures as possible to maximise its sustainability and reduce its carbon footprint and reliance on external inputs, a key part of the ethos for the business. The management team therefore implemented a number of initiatives including rainwater harvesting and on-site recycling and composting facilities, and was interested in the potential for renewable energy. Given the upland location of the Wellbeing Farm, presence of other small wind turbines in the vicinity, and relatively high on-site demand, the management team identified that a small wind turbine may be the most suitable form of renewable energy technology to pursue. As part of its investigation into wind energy, the management team signed up to UCLan’s Wind-Tech project, based in the Centre for Energy and Power Management. The project delivered a free feasibility study for the business, which concluded that there is a sufficient wind resource on site, as well as providing information on local planning policy. Following the feasibility study, and together with the support and advice of a neighbouring landowner who had recently installed a turbine, the management team decided to proceed with installation.

A 20Kw C&F Green Energy turbine was installed a short distance from the Wellbeing Farm in October 2012 (see images) which is now operational and generating green electricity for the business. Celia Gaze, Managing Director, commented: ‘We are delighted to have the turbine up and running and supplying us with electricity which has been generated on-site, for the site. Visitors to the Wellbeing Farm have been impressed with the turbine, and it is a key part of our commitment to sustainability, reflecting our broader aims as a business. We look forward to working with the Wind-Tech project further to monitor the performance of the turbine’.

David Ainsworth, Wind-Tech Project Officer, commented ‘Celia and the management team have added a new dimension to their efforts to maximise the sustainability of the business and in doing so have provided a clear indication to visitors of their commitment to this. We hope that other businesses will be encouraged to consider investment in a small wind turbine.’

For more information about The Wellbeing Farm and its approach to sustainability, please see The Wellbeing Farm or call 01204 852113.

For more information on the Wind-Tech project and how it can assist your business, please contact David Ainsworth, Project Officer, on 01772 895390 or